My Moments- Just Another Manic Monday


Manic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow I will fly to Paris for a week holiday….


Meantime here is one of my funny moments at work…


MMs MMs2Cast:

Toothsome More Brown Au Pair

Toothsome More
Au Pair

This event actually happened.  I was controlling myself to laugh but I could’t and so I laughed and my patient laughed too.  She understood what the “3 in 1” meant… hahaha
We all ended up laughing… LOL


I used to drink 3 in 1 Instant coffee that perhaps it confused my ex-nurse… ?!@!?!?

Fun Weekdays Everyone!




  1. Hope you get a good eiffel of Paris… RH

  2. Oh yes, I get it: the idea of drinking coffee out of a little bag is very funny– ha, ha! I prefer to drink coffee out of a cup– a cup that’s next to a big plate of donuts… : )

    Have a nice flight to Paris– be sure to wear a red cape and warm socks! : P

  3. Profitez de vos vacances.

  4. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    Profitez de vos vacances.

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