You Owe Me Nothing…


  1. Milady Dolly…. I saw you came by & caught up over at my blog… you must have a headache now, for sure… 🙂 That’s a lot of reading for one day…. I haven’t been making it by here at all lately, nor anywhere else, as I’ve had some extra pain this month; I’ve managed to write my blog, but haven’t been able to spend ANY time cruising other blogs… Any who, just thought I’d say howdy while I can, and good to see you….

    As for the above picture, all I can say is…. gorgeous! You make me wish I were even 20 years younger…. You’re a very lovely, incredibly talented woman, as beautiful inside as out, and I’d have chased you all over the world, had I met you when I was younger, and available….. Ah, well, such is life, and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you as I have…. Take care, my dear, and Blessed Be….

    • Hahaha… you just made me laugh… I really did have a headache after 🙂 Just kidding!
      Same here, I did not have time to see other blogs lately and I don’t post in my blog as often as before… But yesterday I managed to see what’s up in you world and I’m glad to see that you never missed a day at least to write. You have so much to say about this universe we live in… and it’s always good to learn something from you.

      Aw… thank you for this compliment…(blush-blush)… And yes, me too. I am so happy that I met you here in WP and gotten to know a genius one like you 🙂
      Have a great day my dear buddy! mmmmwahhh

  2. OyiaBrown says:

    Lovely – and so determined.

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