Wish For December Music Passion by Isadora

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Our theme for this month of December is


“No restrictions on genres or decades – if it has Wish in the title, it’s good to go.”

Music Passion Theme is chosen by   Isadora Art and Photography

Thanks so much Isadora.  You can check her entry here… Surely, you will love it and be inspired!

Whew! I am so challenged!  Well, there are lots of  great songs with the “WISH” out there and this is what I found.  A song from the King.  Since I loved this guy, I’ve chosen this song to be my entry for this month Music Passion- “Wish”  … Enjoy Everyone!


Elvis Presley – An American Trilogy – I wish I was in Dixieland

Come on you guys! Share with us your December Music Passion  🙂


  • Thanks to all Music lovers for their entries in our November-THANK YOU – Music Passion-

  •  Click here to check them out :)


  1. I’m frozen … The King leaves me breathless. Such a man’s man and OOohhhh … THAT FACE !!!
    I’m glad I didn’t find this song. I may have written a totally different post for the music passion. This video would have brought about a very different passion. hahaha
    Okay .. the song – I love it. I am enjoying the selections. ~~~~~ : – )
    Thanks, Dolly. I smile each time I see what you wrote about mine.
    Isadora xoxo
    p.s. I’ve been on your blog for as long as it takes to hear the video 5 times. He is sooo irresistible.

  2. AAAhhh … I love the way Jiminy sings this song. His voice is crystal clear and full of magical love. Yes … a wish is a wish is a wish !!!! LOVE IT !!!!

  3. When You Wish Upon a Star

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