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March 17, 2012: FTLOH-2

Waterfalls and Chaos
I see a new beginning.
World keeps evolving… 

Tiffanie King

Explosion of Earth

Strange beings all around me

Mystery surrounds

by:  Lisa Summerlin

 Little did you know,
that at the edge of the woods,
dreams wait for the night.


  Creating Myself Daily

Land of fairytales
Feathers and flowers blooming
Time is catching up


 Pia Valentin Sørensen 

 entering dreamland
the welcoming committee
full of surprizes


Jeff Whelan 

The atomic flames
Reveal madness in our world,
Strangers in our midst.


The Scrivener’s Error 

All of creation
Together in one moment
Peace and love abound


Amy Whelan

Middle class captive
Blind to horrors far away
Our valley is lush


Anna J. Boll

Garden of Eden
Everyone out of the pool
Toothsome dropped the bomb


Mark Armstrong

Silent witness where
once we dwelled. 
Leave the garden,
paradise is lost.



Strangest dream last night:
bombs, stone-bots, big bugs, small men.
No more tequillia!


  Family Haikus

I like the robot’s
Foray into the realms of
Humanity’s love.


Marc Phillippe Babineau


 Friends of all designs –
limited only by time
and cursed contempt.




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  1. Friends of all designs —
    limited only by time
    and cursed contempt.

  2. I’d feel better if that dude would put down that bow and arrow. As for the haiku, Mark wins with me! *giggles* Merry Christmas! woo woo woo!

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