My Moments

My First Snow, Snowman, Ice Skating…

I am a having a moment recalling my first snow…  As you know that Philippines has only 2 seasons… The Wet and The Dry Seasons.  So when I was just a little girl, I dreamed to be able to make my own snowman one day…

And then… it happened:

Here I was in my first strolling in the snow…  I remember that I really did tumbledown right on the ground…  Well it didn’t hurt that much… For me it was an incredible and wonderful experience already! hehehhe


Okay so here I was making my  snow-baby 🙂


Cha-charan… hehehe my snowbaby… 🙂
Well it did not stop me from there… I went down to the backyard…

Wow! I thought, I just got enough snow to make my first snowman in here! 
Here I was enjoying to make my very first snowman… I was hoping the snow in Lizzie ‘s ( my cousin) backyard would just be enough to make one snowman for me… or else I might be tempted to get some snow from the other side of the fence… hahaha
Yiheyyy! I did it! And not forgetting the hat of Lizzie on it… what a cutie!
Hayyyy… that sure was tiring but it’s worth it! 
See! My first snowman was even smiling from ear to ear 
Yay! Ice Skating…
I wouldn’t imagine it now how I was able to ice skate in that huge place…

See me in the move here?
Well… I wish I could still do this to NOW.. 

Well these were just one of those memorable moments that I enjoyed too much!
Do you have one too?
Have fun everybody! xoxo


  1. Your first snowman– wow! Do you still have him? : P

    My favorite part of ice skating was when some kind soul would drag my unconscious body off the ice after I’d fallen. It wasn’t fun having all those other people just skate right over me… : (

    • He just melted away without saying goodbye… hahahaha What I have only are his photographs.. an ice memory to remember 🙂

      hahaha that must have been so painful…:) I am afraid to skate nowadays… the thought of just falling over while skating, already scared me to death..hehehhe… but I was good at it during my teens life… I even jumped over a hump just to be able to cross the road.. yay! It was really fun and have lots of pain in my buttocks too 😀

  2. Wonderful memories you have a snow. I enjoyed the photos.
    Happy New Year 2014 !!!

  3. wow!!
    Buon Anno!!!!!!!

  4. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    You’re always been so artistic!

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