One Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Ever!

My daughter Greta Garda Arellano Fuentes

She graduated with Honors- “IT”  (Information Technology)

Honorable Mention and Outstanding Internship Awards.

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts ever!

greta's grad pic

On Skype!


Greta… getting ready to her Graduation Ceremony… at 2PM… Philippine time. I wish I were there to pin the 2 Awards she’d received from iACADEMY (Information and Communications Technology Academy, Makati) Honorable mention and Outstanding Internship Awards… One of the best Mother’s Day Gift ever I love you my daughter… I’m so proud of you… Congratulation! mmmwahhhh





I know, I know… I just imagined myself to be there with her…  My avatar did a great job!  A very proud MOM I really am! ❤

pageGGYap! Here she was… Time really flies so fast!



I love you my daughter.  I really am so proud of you.


greta and amary av


You made IT!









  1. Beautiful and smart– just like me. No wonder you’re so proud. Oh– excellent teeth, too. Good oral hygiene. Very important. Especially after a trip to the Lemons R Us Café. Congratulations, Greta and proud mother Toothsome!!! : )

  2. Congratulations, no better Mother’s Day present thinkable!

  3. Congrats! Amazing accomplishment.

  4. Congratulations,it is indeed the best mother’s day present

  5. Congratulations to your daughter Dolly. What a bright and beautiful young woman! You’ve a right to be proud on this Mother’s day, if only to recognize those countless other days of being a Mother. All the best to her!

  6. One of those spectacularly proud moments and what an intelligent beauty your daughter is – I wish her every success!
    My 16-year-old just got her driving permit and she’ll be on the road to college soon…

  7. Very well done to her… and well done to you too! Hope a great future lies ahead for her. All the best, RH

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