For The Love Of Haiku 40

Flowers And Spring

With the Smiling Cloud,
Enraptured flowers, bees, birds, 
The Spring breezes rise!

Tifannie King 

Click to see the making of this week Haiku Image 🙂

The three li’l fairies
-glimmering eyes, tossing hair…
Sweet Flowers of Spring

I call on all Haiku lovers out there to join us

and share with us your haiku ingenuity .

Let’s go guys and have fun :)

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***To those who do not wish to post their Haiku with the Art Game image in their blog but have brilliant Haiku for this  Haiku prompt to share with us…  By all means you can! Just write down your Haiku in the comment area and you are still in!  Piece of cake right?  :)

Okay Haiku Lovers

we want to hear from you!

Thank you to all Haiku Lovers who participated and contributed their finest and brilliant haiku in




  1. Off to get donuts
    Sponge Bob was so happy he
    Wet his underpants

  2. Not the Tubbies! Nooooooooo!

  3. Lovely picture. Is it a collage of others? If so it’s beautifully done.

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