Can’t Help Falling In Love – Music Passion




is the theme for Music Passion by one of our Music Lovers and the host for this month of June

Ghia jaycee68


“No restrictions on genres or decades – if it has “Falling” in the Title, it’s good to go.”

And my pick is this wonderful and powerful song about falling in love

Can’t Help Falling In Love


Can’t Help Falling in Love” is a pop song originally recorded by American singer Elvis Presley and published by Gladys Music, Elvis Presley’s publishing company. It was written by Hugo PerettiLuigi Creatore, and George David Weiss.[2] The melody is based on “Plaisir d’amour[3] (1784), a popular romance by Jean Paul Egide Martini(1741–1816). It was featured in Elvis Presley‘s 1961 film, Blue Hawaii. During the following four decades, it was recorded by numerous other artists, including Britishreggae group UB40, whose 1993 version topped the U.S. and UK charts, and Swedish pop group A-Teens.  (Wikipedia)

 I decided to post the other versions of the following famous artists too.


Richard Marx

Celine Dion


and by my idol The King

 Elvis Presley 


Hmmmm …. How about that?  Its’s a beautiful song isn’t it?  But which version do you like best?


Okay guys. Come on join us and get your “Falling” song

and share them with us!



  • Thanks to all Music lovers for their entries in our May-BABY – Music Passion-
  •  Click here to check them out :)





  1. I think all of the videos are good but Elvis … he is soo handsome and has a voice that
    makes you melt as you listen to him sing. He is still the KING !!!!

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