Ave Maria En Francais Acapella Music Passion

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and another entry from Guiguoz which is very peaceful to listen to:

Chants Gregoriens Moines Abbaye de Solesmes


  • Our Music Passion for August is exciting.   Any favorite song of yours that are sing in


    There are lots of these songs that you can find inYouTube home YouTube.




    “No restrictions on genres or decades – as long as it sings in

    Acapella, it’s good to go.”


    Okay guys. Come on join us and get your Acapella Songs!



    • Thanks to all Music lovers for their entries in our July-Duet – Music Passion-
    •  Click here to check them out :)




  1. Hey there, Dolly. This month’s one is right up my street. My early music group sings more or less all of its songs acapella. Perhaps … I wonder if I can get my husband to video a duet that I’m singing with a tenor in our next concert. No promises. I’ll see what I can do. If not, I won’t have any difficulty with finding something for this month.

    • Aw… dear, dear… I’d love to see and hear you sing… I can’t wait…. I hope that your husband could take a video of you. I’m sure it would be so awesome for this month’s theme 🙂
      Well, I couldn’t wait to add your entry though 🙂 Thanks dear Sarah ❤ mmmwahhh

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