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How to Pronounce Individual Vowels in French

French vowels are all pure and short. (French doesn’t have diphthongs, which are modulations of sounds, kind of like a wave, as in the English words face and mule.) In fact, French has no long sounds at all like you hear in the English words beachandfreeze.Each of the vowels in French has one or more sounds.

How to pronounce the vowel a in French

The French a has the sound ah, as in father, with the jaws slightly tenser but the mouth very open (your jaw should go lower than when you say the a in father). It never sounds like the diphthongued (modulated) a of the word face. French words that feature this sound include machine (mah-sheen) (machine), madame (mah-dahm) (Mrs.), and façade(fah-sahd)…

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  1. I’m working hard, learning French. It’s not easy!! But someday it’ll be worth it when I can go into the Lemons R Nous Café and order a French pastry with confidence– mais oui!! : )

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