Something More

Today’s Cafe Siesta is to inspire each and everyone of us…     Have Courage And Be Inspired!


If there were barriers to success, this brave young man
has never heard of them… despite his own limitations.
There can never be a greater example of courage…

You Can Do It… Keep Adjusting To Needs And Never, Ever Quit!

  • Once again let’s drink up our favorite coffee or tea 🙂


Enjoy Your Weekend!





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Thanks to all of you who continue to stay with me up to this time.

I Love You Guys!


  1. I’m always filled with fears and doubts. I worry especially that they’ll run out of donuts at the Lemons R Us Café before I can get there. But then I come here to this wonderful blog, and I absorb mighty Toothsome vibrations that give me the strength and courage of 10,000 Samsons, and 20,000 Hercules!! Yes, it’s a good feeling, and it’s so much easier than working out at the gym… : )

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