All Hallows’ Eve Art Game Treat- Let’s Have Halloween Party

With this image below we added our own images or real faces.  In this photo that was me taking the apple from this witch statue.
Have fun in this Art Game Halloween Party. This photo was taken during my travel in Center France last July 2011.

Click  Musee de la Sorcellerie to see more photos 🙂



Tahlliy The Witch


Thoughts Of My Brain


Greta The Dwarf




Deu The Donkey



TJ The Puss


Spoiled Brat

Lady Toothsome Is Now Ready To Bite An Apple




Let’s warn her!


A Cat Couple Arrived To Art Game’s Halloween Party


  • Well this cat couple arrived to Art Game’s Halloween Party to tell Lady Toothsome that it’s safe to eat the apple.
    Because it will make her go back to her own comic self….  hehehe


The Shrek Is In The Art Game’s Halloween Party? Yay!



By the way is Shrek really exist?

Have you ever wondered if there was real?

click here for this interesting fact  🙂

With your best Halloween Costume.

Come on , let’s party!

Aw! Gargamel Came Late…And He’s Angry!




Happy Halloween Everyone!

Have Fun 🙂


  1. I’m looking at the first photo in the sequence. I recognize you on the right with the basket of apples, but who’s the gorgeous babe you’re giving the apple to?? : )

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