Aw! So Adorable!

Don’t you all agree?

How about you,my dear  Rumpy? What do you think?




Christmas countdown continues…



  1. If I were really what I think about, I’d have a big glob of chocolate frosting and little sprinkles on my head… : )

  2. I think the photo is adorable!

    As for Louise Hay’s interview, I think she makes some important points about managing our diet and our thoughts. I do take issue with her comment that people who say it doesn’t work for them haven’t tried. At least here in the US, it’s very hard for a person to fight the programming our mind has received since we were very young through advertising.

    I was just thinking today that I live in a wealthy, powerful, first world country, and I can’t just go out and eat without first researching the restaurant’s online menu to make sure there will be something served there that fits in with my plan of eating. And I’m just talking about a sugar and simple carb free diet. Something just ain’t right about that.

    • Thanks so much Rumpy dear for sharing your thoughts about this post 🙂 also I’m happy that you noticed the photo but there is one adorable too in the video… it just sit there and listened very quietly… and I thought about you 🙂
      You’re sweet! Thanks buddy! mmmmwahhhhh

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