Springtime With My Love


This spring dress is available now in my shop, you can check it out here.

This is my pattern.  I was glad it came out so pretty.  This mini dress can be worn also in any casual parties.  It’s also very cool for summer.springspring2

So here I am enjoying one of my favorite time breaks… spring5 And of course having fun and spending this lovely spring with my love…spring6spring7

Here is our magical garden…spring8spring9spring10spring11spring12spring13spring14spring15spring16spring17And surely, it’s gonna be hot soon…

Another season to celebrate with 🙂


Spring Of Love

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  1. That’s an amazing dress!!– you can do a handstand in it, and it won’t fall down!!! : )

  2. Good evening, Miss D,

    I saw you stopped by to check in on my blog, and wanted to say it’s really good to see you! I wish I could come by more often, but, it’s all I can do to post each day, & keep up with comments… But, I wanted to tell you I missed you, and say hello…

    I hope all is well in your world…. I’ll leave this comment on your other site, too, to make sure it gets to you.

    Blessed Be, milady….

    Love ya!…


    P.S. On the other site, French Talk, I cheated a bit, & used my language program, as my French is still not up to speed… Just in the interests of full disclosure, don’t y’know?….


    • Aw Ned I miss you 🙂 Thanks so much for having time to leave me this lovely and sweet note or comment…. I’m not very active lately in visiting our blogger community, so whenever I find a moment, I tried my best to check some of my blogger friends just like you.

      Love you too my dear friend!



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