Beautiful Japan

I just thought of having a coffee today… would you like to join me?

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

Okay buddies, I thought in today’s Cafe Siestawe try a Japanese coffee…

So I hope you’ll all enjoy this one 🙂


1 Click to see more of these Japan’s tasty coffee… they all look yummy to be drunk 🙂


Here I was, 13 years ago as a Geisha.  ( I served coffee and donut in Japan lol?!%!?!)
Also a six year old me beside a Japanese bamboo tree…


Japan is a classic example of a dynamic country with a workable plan,

making the best of what it has. It serves as a role model for the world.

Turn up your speakers to enjoy the enchanting music.


Are you all ready? Okay let’s go to



29 I want more donut please?


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  1. Yes… yes! Coffee with a beautiful geisha! An excellent idea!! And I don’t have to visit Japan, I can go to the Lemons R Us Coffee and Tea House in Toothsomeville!! Delicious coffee, beautiful geisha-dentist who cleans your teeth afterwards, and you get to sit on pillows that look like big donuts!! Utterly fantastic!!! : )

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