Sunday’s Sashay


CERN… Should we all be concerned about CERN?

Imagine that I just learned about this CERN project a week ago?  Wow! I’m so so so behind…Oh là là
Watch these videos.  A mind blowing truth about what is to come…

CERN 2016


The NWO CERN Movie: Interdimensional Beings/ Time Shifting Gateway


  1. #VeryConcernedForCERN

  2. A CERN machine?? Aw, they’re nothing new. I have one in my kitchen. I use it to make coffee.

    But here’s the thing: even tho the CERN machine is colossal, and complex, and was made by interstellar beings who want to sneak in and steal all our toothpaste, the CERN machine still doesn’t make coffee anywhere near as good as the smooth, delicious, perfectly roasted brew I get at the Lemons R Us Café. Plus, at the Lemons R Us Café, the coffee is served by dear sweet wonderful Toothsome!! : )

    There’s just no comparison… : )

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