Haiku, I Thirst Thee

December is here
Adorn my tree high and low

What a Christmas glow

Click to see the making of this Haiku Image 🙂

Last minute present,
Daddy’s Christmas Eve bank heist.
He can’t stand shopping.

Christmas daze is here

Lingering each midnight clear

Starry, starry night


cold winter is born
bright though are our feasting hearts
for ’tis Christmas time


 Christmas time a Haiku | Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library

Christmastime is here
A time for giving, right? So…
Give me a donut!



“Christmas Tree” For The Love Of Haiku 


  1. For some reason, I woke up thinking of you this morning, Dolly, and then found a pingback on my blog for my old Christmas haiku. Long time, no hear, but no wonder, as WP seems to have done a funny and unfollowed me from you. Will rectify that now. Lovely to hear that you’re alive and kicking 🙂 Wishing you a very happy Christmas x

    • Wishing you a Merry Christmas too Sarah dear😘. I do not do blogging and roaming around lately in WP. But I thought bringing up the memories when we were all busy blogging around and post them again here and then would help me change my routine at work and keep in touch somehow with all of my blogger friends and buddies here in WP.
      Thanks dear and enjoy the holiday😘🎄🌲🍂😘

      • Blogging is such fun, but I sometimes have difficulty keeping up with it, especially now, with two published books to promote, whilst also thinking of the next book. I hope to see you around occasionally, Dolly. Maybe be you could do once every six months “love of haiku” or “music passion”. Those would be good 😉 I do a regular Monday Morning Haiku post, plus a once-monthly guest storyteller one. I think you taught me a lot about blogging when I was a newbie to it, and you were one of my first friends in Blogland. x

        • Aw 😊 I blushed and I am so touched… thank you. I was so active back then and you were too, hehehe… but nowadays I am not, and I feel guilty sometimes that I don’t and I am missing a lot of good stuff already in the blogging world 😂🤣😅 Just like now you have 2 books published? Wow! You are amazing! Congratulation👍😀😄 I am so happy for you… I have got to check this out!And about your suggestion for the come back of “-love of haiku” and “music passion”-hmmm I have yet to think about it…But it would be nice to keep up with the blogging world😘😘😘

          • I think that blogger’s guilt is a common syndrome. Many of us are in the habit of apologising to each other for neglect! Sometimes, we take official sabbaticals from blogging and make an announcement about it in advance, so everyone knows our absence isn’t forever. We can only do what we can do in the time available, as we are not like Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter books, who can cast transmogrification spells and be in two places at once … oh, how I wish 😉

  2. I like them all!

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