Feeling Sad

I woke-up with my daughter’s call at 4:30 am…I knew for an instant, it might be an emergency or something.  And I was right, when she broke the news that my little brother, one year younger than me just passed away at around  7:00 am (Philippine time).

And then I checked my daily bible inspiration and this is a very comforting words that I received from the Holy Bible.


May God bless your soul and keep you my dearest brother 😘 I love you🙏🏼
You’re now safe in God’s hands❤️


I will really really miss him… this was his greetings to me on my birthday just this year 😔😔😔



  1. I’m so sorry about the passing away of your little brother. Love and hugs, Sarah xoxo

  2. Sincere condolences

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, Maria. I read a reflection on Christ’s walking on the water recently. The commentator, an American Catholic bishop, said we encounter many storms in life, and that Christ is there with us, walking on the water, during all those storms. A beautiful and wonderfully sustaining thought.

    And I was just looking at a May 1st meditation that concluded with the prayer: “Lord, show me how each situation I encounter is a way to do the ‘work’ of believing in you.”

    I hope the Easter message that Christ has conquered death, and that He shows us the way to eternal life, will comfort and strengthen you today. I shall keep you in my prayers, and I shall also pray for the repose of the soul of your brother. Courage, my friend, and God bless and keep you.

  4. My heart is with you as you deal with this loss. May God Comfort your heart and your spirit. God Bless.

  5. My deepest condolence. I’m sorry to hear this. Take care.

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