Have A Blessed And Joyful 2018

Have you forever searching for your Happiness to come?

Here are the 3 Basis of True Joy.

Grasp these 3 principles and claim the constant Happiness that God has promised to all of His children.

1- Our bad things turn out for good.

2-Our good things can never be lost.

3-Our best things are yet to come.

*If we follow Christ❤️

Romans 8: 28, 29, 30


I Love You All 😘🤗❤️ and God bless!


  1. When I see the beautiful smiling radiant face of Dear Toothsome, I yam filled with peace, joy, love, happiness, and donuts!!! Well, maybe wishful thinking on that last one, but Toothsome is the only human being to register on The Delicious Donut Scale. At least that’s been my experience… 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩😋❤️

    Happy New Year, Dear Toothsome!!– and thanks for making the world a better place just by being in it. And now I must adjourn to the Lemons R Us Café for some much needed nourishment… 😊

    • Happy New Year too, my dear friend Mac Giggles 🎈🎉🎈🎉😍😘🤡🤑
      True, donuts🍩🍩🍩-your everlasting dream…🤣😂😅

      Thanks for this very warm comments, full of
      chocolates and flowers plus of course your branded humor that is so unique, it would always make me melt and turn me into a cartoon-like-human. Whoaaaaa!😮
      But seriously, you just made me smile from ear to ear. 🤗

      I wish you all the best for 2018!
      Tae care and God bless you and your family😘❤️

  2. Happy New Year to you,

  3. Happy New Year 2018!!!

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