I Just Run

I woke up this morning and I planned to run some few blocks away from home.

And so before lunch I had to tell cocou about my plan in French.

I want to say to him this,

” This after noon I am going to run around the village. Okay? ”

I checked the words I like to say to him with my “French app”

Very useful by the way….and I found the words that I think the best way I could express to him what I wanted to do:

“Cocou, cette après-midi je vais (à) la course de fond en ville, OK?”

Ab bon oui! Gladly he understood me.

After we took our Frenchy lunch:

From wine to starters, main dish, cheese, dessert and coffee😍

And after all the heavy meal, a little nap will do.

It rained a bit though while I took a nap so I thought, running in the afternoon would not be a good idea.

But around 3:30 PM , the sky was. clear.

So I went out. Cocou handed me an umbrella. Well, he’s sweet.

….and so I just run🌼🌺🌻

Somehow, I took some photos too.

I am just having a great holiday, here in France. Autumn is starting and it’s gonna be winter soon.

Happy weekdays to all and have fun!❤️


  1. Beautiful food photos, but I fear one essential item was missing… 🍩😋

    Beautiful neighborhood photos, too, but I’m sad because there were no pictures of Dear Toothsome running like a gazelle and leaping over hedges and fences, and startling pigeons and poor old men asleep on park benches!!

    Oh, well… maybe next time… 😊

  2. And to you, too, Dolly… Have a wonderful weekend.. 🙂

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