AG-W3 Men

Here is our image for this week: Art Game Week 3: “Men”


Player #1 Guiguoz

Player #2 Raffleberry

Player #3 Thoughts Of My Brain

Player #1 Guiguoz

Player #2 Raffleberry

Player #4 Spoiled Brat

Player #5 Chlly

Player #1 Guiguoz


 Art game continues…. to Tuesday and then a new image will be post

on Wednesday and so on.  This is fun…  Come and join us!

Note: Those who are participants in the Art Game you can grab your logo here.  Copy the link  below and paste it to your page.

Easily Upload Your Images To Myspace

Place this link to your Widget Text:

<a href=””><img src=” game.gif” alt=”Easily Upload Your Images To Myspace”></a><br><small> </a></small>

Have fun!


  1. RedCat430 says:

    I have a silly question:
    How I add my image on Art Game?
    Don’t laugh, please!

    • It’s fine, no problem and that is not silly. First you copy the image (the latest image) using the snipping tool, then you can add the image that play in your mind, but be careful no to cover the previous images that were added by other players. Noted also like in this image the title is “Men” so we would not like to cover them with our new image that we’d like to add on it. You can edit your image using either of these tools: ms paint, adobe photoshop, paint tool sai, etc.
      Check this out for more additional info:
      Have fun! Hope you could join us. Every Wednesday we’ll have a new image to be posted. Take care and my best regards 🙂

  2. RedCat430 says:

    this is really funny! 😀

  3. Mario de la Cruz says:

    hahahaha, great!!

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