For The Love Of Haiku

  • I love to write poems, short stories ( fiction or non-fiction)… but sometimes I need a muse and the perfect mood to start with a new one. Well aren’t we all writers feel this way? :)

Aside from writing , I love to create too.  I love and enjoy arts.  I also like to take photos to anything that caught my eye.  Anyways, each of us here in the blogging community has something to offer in the world.   I believe that we all are here and that we are doing what we are doing now in the blogging world for a reason or just because…

Since, I started my Art Game, I noticed that I gained more friends. ( I prefer to call my followers as my friends or buddies here in the blogging community). Although all are not participating but in one way or another I get to know other bloggers through them.  Awesome, isn’t it?

Because of this I thought of something for those who just love to write like me… so how about we do something “For The Love Of Haiku”? And that is how I’d like to call this some kind of fun or mind-game.

Everyone is welcome to join me in this fun just because you love what you are doing and you are happy to do it.

Every first week of the month (revised) I will post an image that I got from  my Art Game and then you write down your Haiku based on what you see on the image.

Important notes to remember:

  • The title of your post should always have – For the Love of Haiku
  • Link your post to this page : For the Love of Haiku
  • You can check previous For the Love of Haiku posts to get more inspiration.
  • Optional.  Every last week of the month we will vote and see who gets the highest votes (revised) among the Haiku Lovers who submitted and posted their Haiku with the subject image in their Blogs 🙂
  • To those who do not wish to post their Haiku with the Art Game image in their blog but have brilliant Haiku to share with us, by all means you can just write down your Haiku in the comment area and I will post your Haiku for you… piece of cake right 🙂
***You can always check the result for the highest likes for each particular date hereHaiku Lovers

Grab your beautiful Haiku Logo.

Here is the link:  haiku/” target=”_blank”>

Copy the link above and paste on your Text Widget

What is Haiku?

Haiku is a wonderful form of poetry.  Its formal structure of 17 syllables divided into three lines of five, seven and five syllables.  Although it can be useful to impose such a structure when first approaching this old Japanese form of poetry, a deeper understanding of the component parts is essential to a clear appreciation of the form and its purpose.

Form Of Haiku

  • Five-seven-five haiku are often referred to as “strict form” and poems without this structure are known as “free-form“. In the main, however, haiku writers arrange their poems over three lines, with the second invariably longer than the other two.  English language free-form haiku are on the increase as more people notice that English can provide the same amount of information in fewer syllables than an equivalent Japanese   work.

    “strict form

Young couple kissing
Grandpa looking through them
to his sunny past


The blue sky
Shadows of laughters
Moving clouds

  • What is good haiku? 
    To have the right approach,  Bill Higginson‘s The Haiku Handbook tells us: “When we compose a haiku we are saying, ‘It is hard to tell you how I am feeling. Perhaps if I share with you the event that made me aware of these feelings, you will have similar feelings of your own’.”

For The Love Of Haiku 41

Gorgeous Glow

Gorgeous Glow

Cloudy gloomy day
A gorgeous glow smiled at me
She brightened my whole day


Capture this moment
I glow to light-up your day


My PhotoLoveBytesOnAir



An invitation
Gaze and embrace the beauty
Perfect contentment



  1. Here you are, Dolly. My latest haiku entry. Better late than never xoxo

  2. Laine Jensen says:

    I’m sorry I missed this… I will try again in May

  3. Yay, here I am, Dolly 🙂 At long last, my “unfathomable” haiku. Sorry to have kept you waiting for the latest xoxo

  4. You can find my haiku for this week’s challenge at
    Oh dear, Dolly, you should never have gone sightseeing in that city. I do hope you can escape 😉

  5. Hi Dolly, wishing you and your family a very joyous New Year 🙂 xoxo
    You can find my Winter Cabin haiku here

  6. pi314chron says:

    Hi, Dolly! Just a word of appreciation for your clicking “like” on so many of my haiku recently! Thanks so much. Thanks, too, for all you are doing to promote haiku with your incredible blog and “For the Love of Haiku.” Wishing you success in all your endeavors — Ron

    • Thank you so much Ron for your visit back, I highly appreciate this from you… I enjoyed reading some of your haiku… I’m speechless, you are very talented!
      🙂 … and you are welcome! Have fun here in WP- dolly

  7. Hi Dolly, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xoxo
    You can find my “Silent Night” haiku here

  8. Hi Dolly. Hope you’re having a happy weekend 🙂 Well that was a challenging picture this week. In the end, it called for a three-verse haikai rather than a single haiku! You can find it here

  9. Hi Dolly, good to see the return of our haiku challenges. Hope you’ve had a great and happy time over the summer xoxo. You can find my pirate haiku at

  10. Hi Dolly, have you permanently stopped posting new images for us haiku lovers, or are you just taking a summer break? It’s sort of fun and I’m kind of missing it 😀 xoxo

    • Hello.. Sarah.. I am just taking a little break… hehhehe…. we will have more of it…. if not next week.. we will have it all fresh by next month…. thanks for this…. and I just retrieved your comment in my spam folder… Well, I got it now! xoxo

      • Hello, Dolly.

        Oh, well, I’ve retrieved a few of your comments from my spam folder, too, so it had to be my turn eventually D: WordPress is being very quirky at the moment. There must be too many of us to handle.

        Glad to hear that For The Love Of Haiku is returning soon. Hope you’re having a wonderful break.

        I’ve just completed the first draft of my novel today, so will be writing a post about that soon.

        Happy days! 🙂 🙂 xoxo

  11. Dear Dolly, you can find my haiku for this week at xoxo
    Sorry I didn’t pen anything to go with the previous image, but I was a bit stumped at finding anything to write about Bastille Day a month early! 😉

  12. Dear Dolly, you can find my haiku for this week at

  13. Hi Dolly, you can find my rose haiku at
    Sorry it hasn’t appeared sooner. I’ve somehow managed to overlook the posting of this particular image, so just as well you posted a reminder xoxo

  14. Dear Dolly, at long last I’ve come up with a haiku for March, but I hope you’re going to allow me my extra syllable in the first line as a concession, or it’s back to the drawing board! xoxo

  15. Hi Dolly, my contribution for the week:

  16. Hi Dolly.. Here’s the link to the haiku I wrote for this pic..:-)

  17. Hi Dolly, Pls find my contribution in the link below:

  18. Hi Dolly, Pls find my contribution here:

  19. Anyone who clicks on yerpirate (Tea with a Pirate) just now, will get a notice come up about it being a private blog. Having come under attack by malware, he has quarantined his previous vessel and jumped ship to
    Do go and say “hi” to him there, as we wouldn’t want him to feel like a lonely shipwrecked pirate, would we? And if he gets the highest number of votes this week, we will need to send him a message in a bottle to tell him he’s a winner!
    Perhaps, dolly, if anyone wants to vote for his haiku now and can’t, they could leave a vote as a reply to my message and we can count them here. What do you think?

  20. Here’s my rather belated haiku for this week. Thanks, dolly, for hosting the event as usual 🙂 xoxox

  21. another crazy cool photo ^^ lol here’s mine
    thanks for the challenge ^^

  22. Done! 🙂

  23. Shuffling in darkness
    Hear scarey sounds all around
    Zombies … vampires … AAAWH!

  24. mayhem fill the halls
    ghostbusters? chasing monsters
    who you gonna call?

  25. For the Love of Haiku [Monsters in my dream/ Trying to scare me but can’t/ ‘Cos I’m one of them]

  26. Thanks for joining Martha 🙂


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