For The Love Of Haiku 20

JANUARY 26, 2013 

In my universe

Abounds with joy, peace, smile, love

An absolute dream!

Tifannie King 

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sarahpotterwrites says:

World two-thirds transformed,
Tinka Bell’s out of magic.
Recharge her wand. Quick!

nightlake says:

The toy world talks,

Mocks and laughs at us,

We, the naïve and the oblivious

adollyciousirony says:

‘Fantasy exist

Burning light of pure desire

Sometimes, I wonder…

yerpirate says:

the shaman seeks sound
the bells’ ring is felt within
unlike images

silentlyheardonce says:

As we hibernate
with a cold front freezing us.
Guest of spring gather.

kz says:

Remember the time
When happy thoughts were enough
And magic was real?

Did you ever mourn
The day you left Never land
So you could grow up?

‘Tis a lovely thing
To see the world through their eyes
With wonder and awe.

Not so long ago
When dreams were a wish away
I long for such days.

Rose-tinted glasses
I never stopped believing
In happy endings.

zennjennc says:

Fantasy bells ring

Begging you to take the trip

Red Pill or Blue Pill?



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