Art- Play-Color-Sketch 6

That’s right…

Just follow the instruction and you will have your own Adobe Photoshop CS6

But before we proceed you must have these following program in your computer:


Okay once you have those 2 above in your computer click this:

Then click OK to go directly to u Torrent…  You wait for it to be fully downloaded and check  your download folder when it is already seeding.

You will see on your download folder your gift like this:

Adobe CS6 Master Collection

And it’s waiting for you to CRACK it.  🙂

Okay when you open the folder what you will see inside is like this:

  • 1

Inside CS6 Folder

Next click a-amccs6 to see the following inside.  Select all and extract them to your Desktop or create a new folder or whatever you prefer.

  • 2

Inside a-amccs6

Go check your folder looking something like this:

  • 3

a-amccs6 Folder

Open it to see these all inside and click Set-up… Then just follow the instruction…

  • 4

Set Up

Important: Before you click to begin the Set-up… go back first to Picture #1 click Read Me/Note and follow the instruction carefully:

  • 5Read Me


Tip: Just click the program you needed.

Me, I just chose Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64bit) because that is just what I needed 🙂

Anyways just do as you like… it’s a gift! hehehe

Okay guys after you already have your Adobe Photoshop CS6…  Remember do not open it yet…  Instead you get ready now to CRACK it.


  • Go back to picture #4 and this time you click
  • 6CRACK

then you will see this:

  • 7Cracked

and then this:

  • 864 bit

If your system is 32bit… click it or 64bit like mine click it to get The Magical Crack

  • 9The Magic Crack

You copy that …

  •  Next and last open your program…Go to All Programs…. click  Adobe Master Collection…  look for Adobe Photoshop CS6, right click to it then clcik Open file location:

to see this:

  • 10
    Open File Location

Right click that look alike of The Magical Crack (highlighted with yellow) and then click PASTE or Copy and Replace.

And there you have it.  Your very own Adobe Photoshop CS6.   Enjoy!

I love you guys!



P.S.  For any questions, please use the comment below.  Also let me know once you have it on your computer, okay? Thanks and  have fun guys! mmwahhh

Adobe Photoshop CS6

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