Monique M

Meet Mommy Monique,

My January Muse!

Well, I posted this early.  I guess Mommy Monique will be occupying the first page of my Muse Page. Awesome!   anyways ,  she deserves it.  I will be updating her page every now and then to see what she is up to.  You are welcome to give a peek on her page any time as you like 🙂

A stolen shot… She must have drank a lot of Sancerre Wine here. She was all red! 🙂

She is one of my inspirations.
She likes her hands to be busy all the time.
Yes! She loves handicrafts as her hobby…
I am very proud to all of her creations… Check it out 🙂

At 78, she still drives her car, she cooks delicious meals
and enjoys her life to the fullest with her loving
and wonderful husband daddy Pierre of 60 years in marriage.
I am proud to call her my MOM!!!

Wonderful couple!!! I took this shot before my partner and I were on our way back to Paris, after spending 3 days holiday with them in our house at Boisgibault, last July 2011…

Isn’t she cute and lovely?  Look how she looked girly in above photo with daddy Pierre?

A thought or two would be nice to hear from you.  I just like everyone know that this woman really turned over my mind. She gives “Unselfish Love”, a kind of love which is very rare to find.  She is my muse because she has that kind of love.

Mommy Monique, My January Muse, 2012


  1. This is marvelous tres beau merci Happy Musing with your January Muse. What a gift to have both your parents still living, loving and laughiing.

  2. Lovely.

  3. I adore the photo of Monique and Pierre! They look so sweet together. It reassuring to see a couple still happy after years together. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely, thank you for sharing part of your beautiful private world with us 🙂

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