How A Thief Opens Your Suitcase!

How A Thief Opens Your Suitcase!

Well,  here it is..  THIS is the way a bag is opened at the airport without your knowledge.  Many people have had things missing from their baggage, even when they received them at the arrival port UNOPENED  and UNTOUCHED!!! !!!  

And this is why you should never put anything of value in your checked baggage!   

How did the thief (at the airport) do it?  IT’S  EASY!  

Now think of this in your hotel room!  How many of us lock things in our suitcases when we leave the room?  Just watch this video once and you’ll never do it again.



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Day One Of My 21-Holiday Trek- Leaving Jeddah Airport

Jeddah International Airport  5:00PM





Yes! 3 hours before my flight I need to be in the Airport.  My flight started 8:25 PM and 2 hours after that I landed to Dubai, around 11:25PM Dubai Time .While waiting 7:25 AM for my departure to Paris (wow, 8 hours stopped over) I took this chance to update you with my JEST but it’s so difficult to download pictures because the net was too slow.

Anyways there will be more photos to see once I reached my home 🙂

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