Derinkuyu, Turkey- The Allure Of The Underground City…

For today’s Cafe Siesta, I’d like us to revisit this amazing City so that
those who are just following me now will also have the chance to see it.

Imagine a well-planned, well-connected, multi-tiered city in Turkey named

Derinkuyu, carved out of the stone underground. The history is incredible

and the fact that it has lasted this long in good condition is more amazing.

This may give food for thought about some cities of the future…

Hopefully, it won’t ever come to that…

click here:UndergroundcityofDERINKUYU

I think we need a red wine for today’s slides…  How about a toast!

A little note of advice:

Wine drinking is not good for the line they claim. Still, one by drinking red winepomace. Usually the culprits ‘fatty food’ with wine. But keep it always in one to two glasses of red wine per day. Wine drinkers are usually not overweight people. …

Unlike beer, even at relatively high consumption of wine a ‘wine belly’ is very unlikely.

Red instead of white wine

White and red wine contain many calories, but the little grain of red grapes contains more antioxidants. Furthermore, alcohol (in moderation!) help prevent blood clots.

Cheers Everyone!

Hmmm…  Did I just say wine drinking in here? Well I really need a drink 🙂
But too bad there ain’t nothing in here… 😦

So better I will just grab me a cup of coffee… hahaha



Have A Great Weekend Everyone!


I love you guys…  mmmmwahhh!

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