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Okay before you proceed to read this comic you must know first the history behind this strip.  Last week I asked V to give me a joke and then I’d put it in a comic strip.
He gave me one and he told me it’s some kind of a French joke.  He sent it to me and was already translated in English.

A guy goes into a bar and orders a beer from the barman. But beware: The

guy wearing a toad on the head. So, intrigued, asked the bartender:

– How did you get it from?

And the toad replied:

– I do not know, it started with a wart under my feet!

 Excitedly I went to make my strip.  In my mind, I’d need a guy with a toad head ( because it says: “The guy wearing a toad on the head.”) It did not registered in my mind these words- a toad on the head, but my thought was so quick to see a “toad head”… hahaha

Until later after I finished my comic strip and have read this part  again—-when the bartender asked the guy, it says: “And the toad replied”, so it just meant that the toad is sitting on the guy’s head. Is that it?
And one more thing I was not familiar with this French joke.  Hahaha

But it was too late already and I made some changes too.. like for instance that guy who went to the bar for a beer with a “toad head” as I thought,   I made one of the bartenders to have a ” toad head” instead.  Because I wanted Andy and Mac Giggles in the cast for this comic strip, thinking it would be more funny.  🙂

I showed to V my supposed to be funny comic strip.  Of course, he said, it was not what that  joke meant to be.  He said it was not the guy with a toad head, but a toad on the guys head… hahaha

And so I asked him, to explain to me, why would a toad replied: “I do not know, it started with a wart under my feet!”

All he could say to me is that, I wouldn’t understand it because it’s a French joke anyways…  hahaha

Really, I didn’t get the joke.  Do any of you here, have heard about this joke?

Critics are welcome, just be kind and funny though… LOL and those who knew the creator of this comic strip, well you can proceed and view it. Just click:

At The Bar

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