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Hundred Islands Philippines, I took this photo with my iPhone 4, January 7, 2011


I love you guys! mmmwahhh


Enjoy and have a super gusto weekend to all!

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A Restaurant Where You Can Only BE Admitted Bare-footed…


Would you like to dine in this restaurant?
I would like to experience it, I will check it out on my next holiday… 🙂

Come on let’s check

 their website !


Music Passion- Flowers

Guys how about a Japanese Band? Let’s all hear Alex’ Music Passion – “Gloomy Flower”…. 🙂

For more info about this fun game click Music Passion and join us!

The Spire Cranes

This month’s Music Passion theme is flowers (for more information, check out allaboutlemon’s Music Passion page), so, since I am always anxious to introduce the under-heard sounds of Japan to Western audiences, my entry this month is by the 1960s psychedelic rock band Jacks (what, did you think the 60s only happened here?) from their iconic 1968 debut album Vacant World (からっぽの世界). In the original Japanese, there is only one song on the album with a flower word in the title, 「薔薇卍」 (“Bara-Manji,” which means Rose Manji), but when the titles were translated, another song, 「裏切りの季節」 (The Season of Betrayal), was ‘translated’ as “Gloomy Flower,” and that’s the song I’m posting here. This is a great album by a great, short-lived but highly influential Japanese band, and if you like this song, I definitely recommend checking out “Marianne,” the brilliant opening track to the album.

Here’s my…

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Who Needs Truck In Vietnam?

They have learned to get by with what they have.


Vietnam Bikes

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