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Thank you so much for my 5th
Kreativ Blogger Award given to me

by:   greatgreths

And  to

Stephanie  of


For My 3rd Reader Appreciation Award

Thank you so much!

I Love You Guys!!!

I am so honored to have these 2 Recognition Awards

And All About Lemon Says,

You Are Loved!

And as a token of my gratitude for following All About Lemon,
I made a personal gift to all of my buddies/followers.
My daughter Chlly and I made this gift personally.
There are no rules or obligations
but to just accept this gift and show it off to your Blog that
You Are Loved!

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Aside from Stephanie and GreatGreth above, I’d like to present to you the following new fans of All About Lemon and here they are:

Plus my buddies since 5-7 months ago.
Thank you so much for staying with me.
 sorealtonight Red
 boobykizzy kkirksnyde64
 Jen C Hay

To all of you my blogger- fans and friends,

You Are Loved!

Be Happy Everyone and Enjoy

just because

You Are Loved!

Blog On Fire Award,Top Recent Commenter Twice and I Am It Again 6x


sarahpotterwrites says: I tagged you, and hope you’d like to play:-)

Thank you so much Sarah, I just loved your 11 Questions:
1. What’s the naughtiest thing you did at school, and did you get caught?
When I was in High School, I cheated in my exam and I let  my seatmate to copy my answers and yes I got caught… hahahaha

2. What’s the worst grade you got in an exam, and was it your fault or someone else’s? I experienced to get 5.  Our grading system was 1-2-3-4-5.  If you get 1, it means excellent 100%.  5 means failed.  And it was my fault because I did not study.  So I must get 1 to pass the subject on the final exam.  And I usually got 1 so I had lots of those 3 grades… hehehehe

3. Have you ever farted at a really embarrassing moment? not yet… thank God, hahaha… but Vincent and I farted together after we ate different kinds of seafood and we were about to sleep… Wow the smell was so awful we both got up and opened our window and we had a lot of fun laughing.  It felt good though… LOL 

4. What do you feel about writing Christmas cards?  Oh I just love doing it, it just that nowadays, I do not do it anymore because it is faster to just send e-mails, but I missed doing it.

5. Do you sleep on your back, front, left side, right side, curled up in a ball, straight out, recovery position, or upside down? Funny because I just do it all, but most of the time on my back.

6. What percentage of books on your bookshelves have you read? Oh I have no idea…

7. If your computer is running slow, or your internet is down when you’re in a hurry, how do you react? Nothing, a bit upset but not really 🙂

8. Have you ever been to a party and wish you’d behaved differently? Yes

9. If someone you know and like has written a totally crap story, poem, or song and says they’re going to try to get it published, do you tell them it’s crap or leave them to learn the hard way? I will tell my opinion how I feel about the story but then still leave it all up to him or her to decide whether he or she likes it to be published.  It’s better to do something than not doing anything at all.  Anyways, mistakes will make us grow wiser and better until we become our best.

10. If you won or inherited a vast sum of money, would you feel happy or burdened by it? I will be very happy about it… for sure!

11. Is there an occasion when you spoke up about something and wish you hadn’t, or didn’t speak up about something and wish you had? Yes, but rarely.

My respond are the ff:

Tag And I Am It

Tag I Am It Again

Toothsome Aka Dolly Got Tagged Back, She’s It

Tag She Is It, Toothsome Aka Dolly

Tag You’re It, Whoaa!

Top Recent Commenter  Award from Marcyorples and Cindy

Thanks Guys! You are both brilliant…

Thank you so much Cindy and Marcy for this recognition.
I never thought I could leave you such comments in your blogs because I rarely give my comments… hahaha 🙂
But I am so honored for this.

Likewise here are my Top Recent Commenters:
Thanks to all of you my buddies.  You are all awesome!

Commenter Comments
orples Following 34
Jueseppi B. Following 33
Mark Armstrong Following 27
Marc Phillippe Babineau Following 16
carolynpageabc Following 15
Androgoth 13

The rule of this award are as follows:

  • Tell us about one of your most cherished memories with your child(ren). If you do not have children, then share one of your pet(s). If you do not have pets either, then one with niece(s), nephew(s), or any combination thereof. You can read it here.
  • Tell us about one of your most cherished childhood memories. When I wan 8 years old my father bought me a doll from Italy. And that doll is still with me until now.  My kids called her Mommy Doll 🙂
  • Thank the person who nominated you. Done
  • Nominate  6 bloggers who comment on your blog the most frequently and notify them of the award.You can find your Top Recent Commenters on your site stats page on the bottom, right corner. Done
  • Nominate one more person…the 7th. This person can either be a brand new commenter on your blog, the very last comment you have received, or the one who has posted your most favorite comments Tell us why you have chosen them as your seventh. My 7th goes to

    dovergirl x
    Submitted on 2012/03/20 at 6:18 pm

    WOW!! Congratulations on all of your adulations & awards! Inspiring!!

    Dovergirl is my latest very recent commenter. And She’s a new visitor in my blog.

  • And answer the following questions:
  1. Tell us one thing you have learned from one or both of your parents that has stuck with you throughout the years. My mom taught me to be strong, independent and must have a profession or career, so that no matter what, I could always stand by my own self and not be dependent to others especially with men.
  2. Tell us one thing that you have taught (or intend to teach) your child(ren) that hopeful will stick with them throughout their lifetime.  I told them the same thing as my mom taught me.
  3. Tell us about your favorite job, whether it is one you hold now or one from the past, and why you enjoy(ed) it. I miss my own dental clinic back in the Philippines.  I had it for 17 years. I enjoyed it very much because i was my own boss.
  4. Tell us what you are doing in pursuit of achieving an attainable goal. As of the moment my goal is to support my kids to finish their studies and would have their own profession one day.
  5. Tell us about one person who had the best influence on you in your life (teacher, neighbor, friend, etc.).. My mom, you can read it here

Thank you so much Tania for the Blog On Fire Award.
You really got me on fire! You are wonderful…

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you : Thank you so much Tania for this peachy thought to nominate me with this award, I am truly grateful 🙂

2. Share seven random facts about yourself:  My seven random facts about myself you can read them here 🙂

3. Pass the award on to more blogging friends. I pass this award to my recent top commenters I just enumerated above.

4. Contact those friends with the link and congratulate them!

5. Post your award with pride.

Enjoy Everyone!

so happy Pictures, Images and Photos

And Thanks To All!

More Awards

I like to thank the following bloggers who nominated me to receive these awards I have enumerated below…

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  • My 2nd Very Inspiring Blogger Award was given to me by *The Daily Norm, This is a blog about the Norms, a collection of funny little blobby creatures, who have only one arm, two eyes, and plenty of blue-glowing blobbyness.

  • And my 3rd Very Inspiring Blogger Award came from * My Magnificent Mess. This is a blog where we can taste some humor and life in the New England Suburbs.

Thank you so very much for both DelacyBrown and Momma E.  I am over the moon to know that my blog has inspired you on your daily blogging.  I am really grateful for honoring me with this award.  Truly you are both wonderful people. XO

Details for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” here.


2nd Creative Chaos Award

From lovely Teri of The Narcissist’s Blog. A blog full about her love for herself and her views in life.  A blog where we can learn some honest truth about ourselves. This blog speaks from the heart,

Thank you so much for this award Teri, i just knew you would have thought of All About Lemon with this award, hehehe.  I highly appreciate this.  mmwah!

Details for the “Creative Chaos Award” here.


4th 7×7  Link Award

From a very faithful and optimistic lady, DanLrene of “Work The Dream”. A blog where you dare to dream of a bigger thing than you can imagine.  A very inspirational blog.

Thank you so very much and dearly to you my lady DanLrene for this award.  I am really honored. xo

Details for the “7×7 Link Award’ is here.


4th Awesome Blog Content Award

From beautiful Red of Momma’s Money Matters.  Red loves a challenge and she describes herself in 3 words by using the first 3 letters of her blog.

And her 3 M words are:

  • Maleficent
  • Monogamous
  • Maieutic

She asked her nominees to describe themselves in three words beginning with the first letter of their blog.

And here are mine:

  • A- Auspicious
  • A-Amorous
  • L-Luscious
Thank you so much my beautiful friend Red.  I am so delighted for your thought to nominate me with this award.  You’re so gracious! mmwah 🙂
Details for the “ABC Award” is here.

Hope Unites Globally (HUG) Award

The HUG Award was given to me by autumnsunshine and gabrielleangel

 Thank you so very much for this honor, Sunshine and Gabrielle

 For those of you who aren’t familiar with this award, below is some information from the HUG Award web site:

The HUG Award© was initiated by Connie Wayne at A Hope for Today at, which promotes hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people.

The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love; Hope for Freedom; Hope for Peace; Hope for Equality; Hope for Unity; Hope for Joy and Happiness; Hope for Compassion and Mercy; Hope for Faith; Hope for Wholeness and Wellness; Hope for Prosperity; Hope for Ecological Preservation; Hope for Oneness

“People do not have to give up or compromise their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs to qualify for the Hope Unites Globally HUG Award©. They qualify for the HUG Award© when, without bias or prejudice, they use their resources and gifts to make the world a better place for everyone.”

For more information on this award, please visit:

** I feel so huggable with this award! It’s such an honor that these two beautiful and sweet ladies  have thought of All About Lemon as one of those who brings unity to our world.

I am very honored to accept this award and will happily pass it on to spread the word about Hope for Our World to Mr. JB Jueseppi B. of Obamacrat 

I just feel that his blog format and title itself  is very much likely for this award and his purpose of blogging to the world. To you JB and for your help to bring unity to the world…

I’d also like to thank all of my fellow bloggers, friends and buddies here in the blogging community for helping to make the world a better place.  

All of my followers or I called my delighted friends who seek unity for all of us deserved to have this award too. 

Happy blogging everyone!

OMG! Toothsome Reached Florida with Another 7×7 Link Award

Everyone meet Dr. Sherry.

 If you have any heart troubles, you can just visit her blog now

and she’s quick to see where you are hurting.

Wow, am I not right Dr.? 🙂

This is my 3rd 7×7 link award and you can just click here all the details about this award:

Have fun and enjoy blogging everyone!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Wow! Thank you so much!



Sherline’s Watchu Thinkin’ Blog

You Jivin Me Crazy with 7×7 Link Award

That’s right You Jivin’ Me, Turkey

just awarded All About Lemon the 7X7 Link award.  This is the second time I’d receive this award.

Thank you so much! You Jiving Me Crazy for this award.  Awesome!

It seems  there are some rules to follow though and these are:  to let me share something that no one knows about myself and to share several of my blogs. And then lastly, I would nominate 7 other fellow bloggers as well :)

Of course everyone of us have secrets.  But I prefer to just keep my secret only for myself …I am sure you would understand…

Most beautiful pieceHappy Thanksgiving Day  ( This was about coping with my illness for 10 years of my life).

Most Helpful: Never Give Up  (May God grant you always… A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, A sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you,Laughter to cheer you, faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, heaven to hear you.” ~Irish Blessing~

Most Popular:  Beyond My Dream (In this post I got the most clicks from the rest of the days since I started blogging since October 17, 2011)…  🙂

Most ControversialA Scorpion Giving Birth…  Have you seen one? (This post is really amazing together with the follow-up post:  A Bit Of A Sting On The Tail 

Most Surprisingly Successful: A Risk Worth Taking  (“I was so nervous, I thought I won’t make it alive”)

Most Underrated: Websites I O U (This post was one of my answers in Plinky Prompt that I thought it made sense why I am blogging, hehehehe…

Check this out too: Yummy Me As A Flavor Another one of my Plinky Prompt answers which receives 2,000 views within a period of 2 hours after I posted it:

And The 7 X 7 Link Award goes to:


   of Tales from the lou

Brook  of White Hot Hair

Teresa Cleveland Wendel      Of Belly Button Blues

nightshade130  of Sherline’s Watchu Thinkin’ Blog

ecofinanalysis   of Eco Fin Analysis

Jeff      of Jeff Whelan

orples    of How Orples Came To Be, and other interesting stuff

Enjoy Everyone!

so happy Pictures, Images and Photos

Creative Chaos Award

Welcome to the Creative Chaos Award! This award is for those who think outside the norm…And the designer of this award came from I’m not just weird

So brace yourself for the following requirements below:
1. You must tell 3 completely weird things about your habits. If you claim to have no weird habits, you’re lying and we’ll have to send an investigative team for further analysis.

2. You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario and ask “what? No coffee?”

3. Complete any one of the following essay questions:

A. You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down. You have no cell phone service, no Walmart (I know, GASP, right?), and only a candy bar for food. It is 150 miles to the closest town. What color are your pants and why?

B. You find yourself having to ride an elevator quite frequently. How do you pass the time to show off your creativity?

4. Then you are to nominate 5 random people.

5. Make sure to show proper gratitude to the person who nominated you whether that is to shower them with gifts, prizes, and cash or to see that they are put into a clown costume and photographed for internet mocking.

6. Make sure to post the award somewhere other than the underside of the toilet seat.

Okay, here are my answers:

1. My 3 habits:

  •  I’m a coffee drinker.  I love coffee and I want it hot.  So I kept adding hot water in it and then coffee and so on and on, hahahhaha
  •  I am always online.  I work in Jeddah so I get to see Vincent after 3 months or sometimes 6 months.. so we sleep together with our web cab on every night and my Skype is always on everyday, even in my dental clinic so anytime of the day my kids and Vincent will just pop up to say hi to me, so it’s like we are together everyday except via air or web…Weird isn’t it?
  • I wear long black dress (known as Abaya) whenever I am in public places. My life here in Jeddah is not normal. Although Jeddah now is somewhat open in comparison to other cities in Saudi Arabia, it’s still a must to always wear black when you are outside or in the public places. The good thing is that I can expose my hair and face because I am not a Muslim but in some cities in Saudi Arabia you have to cover your face.  Or else men here who rarely see women will eat you alive… hahahha
2.  A ‘glass half-full’ scenario… I see life in my own universe differently 🙂
3. I choose B.  I might take the stairways sometimes to break the monotony and to burn some extra calories too.
4. My nominees are:

Androgoth   A Ghoulishly Exciting Read…

 His blog is creepy and full of wickedness but Andro is one of my sweet buddies here in Blog-sphere. I know he wouldn’t like this but I am nominating him still for this award so that all of you would dare give a visit to his blog and see for yourself that he deserved this award too.

The Obamacrat

By the title of his blog itself you can already tell that his blog is unique and one of a kind. Curious already? Well, then go ahead check him out!


Visit her one of a kind world in pictures.

Things I Think I Thunk, pt. l

You wanna meet my four buddies- Buck, Cuda, Snoop and Ziggy?  Well you better check their master.  He sure has a lot to tell you about.

Well, this one… I really don’t know where he came from but he likes Toothsome very much.  And tha’s the only thing that makes him so brilliant about… Ya, he is so smart  that I want to whack him 🙂 It’s a must that you pay him a visit!

5.  I thank Cindy 

One Mind Many Detours

For nominating me with this award.  I believe she is the master mind behind of all of these awards.

ssshhh...she is one of them...

6.  Done… I prefer to even flush it down… LOL by Toothsome 

I Am Beloved “Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award

I know it sounds like “Lobster” which by the way, it is my favorite seafood 🙂

Anyways this Award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers, all in the spirit of fostering new connections. 

Leibster is German & means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’ but it can also mean ‘favorite’ & the idea of the Liebster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers & pass the award on to 5 or more bloggers.

Don’t get excited, I know, I know that I already have more than 200 followers.  Would this mean I am breaking the rules?  Maybe I am, hehehhe 🙂

But I think this is just okay, because I was already nominated before when I just got started my blog and I only have like less than 15 followers back 3 months ago, so I did not have a chance to nominate more bloggers.  Thanks so much to Zahir of The Tale of My Heart for my first nomination for this award:  Liebster Blog Award -Yay, Delightful!

The Rules are:

  1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  2. Reveal your top 5 picks  (or more)  for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogsphere – other bloggers.
  5. And, best of all – have fun and spread the karma.

    You can copy this Liebster Blog Award and paste on your post …Easy does it? 🙂

I believe “Blogging” is all about you and me or us and the others too.  It’s all about life, people, places and all the things around us (AllAboutLemon) 🙂

I blog because I am happy to share my thoughts around the world and surely “Sharing Is Caring”.

And for Mambo– Thank you very much for having me nominated with this award which is now my 2nd nomination.  Mambo runs, work-outs and cooks healthy meals.  So go ahead check her out and find out more of her interesting and awesome random things she’d  happy to share with us.
My 3rd Liebster Award nomination is from  Ashmita of The Chaotic Soul.  This young girl loves soft music and so fond of writing especially love stories.  Feel free to visit her world of the Chaotic Soul. 
For my fourth (4th) Liebster Blog Award as I would quote him, “Karma given back, though you may reach the over 200 limit, I nominate you for some digital love”. Well Folks, visit David’s blog. It concerns about general musings on some Chicago based underground artist and is creating a collection of reviews and articles on them and many more. Plus you can also check on his Modeling Porfolio.
It’s my joy to have accepted this token of appreciation from these bloggers.  Allaboutlemon twinkles because of their generous thoughts and heart to to have me nominated. 
Aside from Zahir, Mambo, Ashmita, and David, I also like to extend my super gratitude to the following prominent bloggers who I know deserved more awards on this blogsphere -for their support and inspiration given to me and to other co-bloggers around the globe.
… and there are more of them 🙂

And here are the Beloved Bloggers, whom I have nominated for The Liebster Blog Award.

I know some of these bloggers have already more than 200 followers  and you may or may not acknowledge this token of love and appreciation.  You are free to do so, but I am here to spread the love to all 🙂


Remember this that All bloggers are Loved anyways  🙂

Be Happy Everyone and Enjoy!

Whew! More Versatile Blogger Awards…

I am becoming turbo-charged now because nine more Versatile Bloggers have nominated  me…a total of 11 Versatile Awards already for the record.  Whew! This is really awesome!

They believe that All  About Lemon is Versatile:

Really I am so thankful to these Versatile Bloggers. I am over the moon to honor and introduce them to you one by one here.  You can click the images to visit their blogs.  I am pretty sure you will all love their blogs too, as much as I do:

Once again thanks to all of you!









Blue Bird Blvd

Here are the mechanics to this award:

Thank the nominator(s), then post (on your blog) links to the nominators and 15 other blogs you have been reading recently and enjoy, and also 7 things about yourself.  And post a comment on the sites you nominated, telling them you nominated them.

Once again I thank my 7 nominators above for this award…

Just because AllAboutLemon is You & Me

The 7 things about myself are:

1.  I am a mom of four.  3 daughters and a son.

Dagupan Beach, Pangasinan, year 1999

2.  I am an orthodontist in Jeddah, K.S.A.

with my dental nurses, on my birthday February 2, 2010

3. I am a writer and I wish to publish my first book one day.

4. I scuba dive but I do not really swim… lol

5.  I rock and roll

6. I am  a free-spirited woman

7. I am Aquarius

And here are the following bloggers I nominated…  Surely all these bloggers are Versatile Bloggers too since they all support and follow Allaboutlemon.

I am so proud to introduce them to you and here they are folks!

Moiz Billah

Ruby Shoesday

Victor Tribunsky

Lady Vika


Thoughts of Life Experience

I Am For Change

Nuggets For Nobles

Jess Banuelos


Medical Tourism China

Photographic Memory

The Ultimate Poker Mindset

Fierce Buddhist

What Is Juan Oscar

No Title

Me- One Of A Kind

Poet Head


Nae’s Nest

In A Word Blog

Jack Tweeter

Five Reflections

The Happiness Nest

Nature Turning Against Mankind


The Hill House

Be Still And Know

Honourable Mentions

Mutant Supermodel


No Title

Bunch A Different Hustles

Thoughts I Wish I Could Say Out Loud

Nurse Lyssie


Medusa Moon


Soul Blind Ministry


The Alternate Economy

Aliza’s Window

In Trinzic Value

Personal Concerns

Breakinbadd’s Blog

Chicks With Ticks

Patterns That Connect

No Title

The Convoluted Menagerie


Marina Kanavaki

Blunts Book Blog

The Butterfly Wake

I’m Burning with LOVE

One Bird At A Time

Sarah’s Place


Extraordinary Experiences

Family Haikus

Patrick’s Photography

The Soulful Contrarian

Comments By FrizzText

Break It Down Pete

No Title

Sataloma News

Words About Birds

Progressive Blogic


df Media Works

Downtown J Brown

Paul The Yeti

Stuff My Brain Thinks

M Schuett Blah Blah

Journal Of an Adventurous Mother

The Iris And The Lily


Coming to the Stage

Green Froggy Fae

Saying It Anyway

kiss smiley for orkut, myspace, facebook

Congratulations to All!


Kreative Blogger Award

Kreative Blogger Awards

If you like some Spiritual Lift this is the blog you want to visit:

while those who seek  “The Journey,not destination” I suggest you visit this blog:

I thank Jean for my second Kreative Blogger Award and Bianca  for my third Kreative Blogger Award! Those two bloggers above are just awesome.  Feel free to visit them 🙂

Thank you so much girls!

Now for the rules of this award:

1. Share ten (10) things no one (meaning the blogging community) know about yourself.

Here goes:

  1. I cannot swim but I float and was able to finish my Open Sea Scuba Dive Course– A Risk Worth Taking
  2. I hate Ortho-Wire Bending when I was a Dental Student but I ended up an Orthodontist… 
  3. I dreamed to be a model when I was little and when I was seventeen years old I was discovered to do some commercial modelling and even qualified to do some Hollywood commercials when I sent a picture of me to one Hollywood Agency…but failed to do so because I chose to continue my studies in Dentistry… plus my older sister told me that I won’t be young and beautiful forever because all of us grow old…  but even until now that dream is still open to me though… hehehehe
  4. I live and work in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
  5. English is my second language. Aside from my native language Tagalog, I also speak Arabic, a little of Spanish and French
  6. I was 15 years old when I started to do Hatha Yoga… amazingly I could always feel that my body thirsts for it, which I feel so guilty nowadays because I don’t do it now regularly.
  7. I have the ability to undergo Out Of Body Experience (OBE).  I discovered this gift when I was 12 years old.
  8. I wish to start writing my first book and to be published one day 🙂
  9. I roller blades and ice skates.
  10. I met my True and Last Love and Forever Lover via Game sites…  

2. Pass it on to six other bloggers. And my nominees are:

Enjoy,Have Fun And Be Happy!

Versatile Blogger Award 2

My 2nd Versatile Blogger Award

Courtesy from TOM of

Thanks so much Tom for believing that

AllAboutLemon is  Versatile 🙂

Wow! This means that this blog has a Character:

 flexible, adaptable, multipurpose, multifaceted, all-around, handy, 

multitalented, resourceful, adjustable, and all-purpose…

Just because AllAboutLemon is You & Me

I am really happy to receive this Versatile Blogger Award.  This is my second nomination.  I humbly extend my deepest gratitude to a sweet and poetic blogger named Tom …Merci beaucoup, beaucoup!  Check his blog and you will love it too.

The rules are to thank the nominator(s), then post (on your blog) links to the nominators and 15 other blogs you have been reading recently and enjoy, and also 7 things about yourself.  And post a comment on the sites you nominated, telling them you nominated them.

Here are the 15 Awesome and Delightful Bloggers I nominate to receive this Versatile Blogger Award:

Just To Let You Know I’m Thinking Of You Today”

“Home Is Being Just Yourself”

“Beyond This Garden”

“Anger Management”

“Kitten And The Bird And Their Awe-Inspiring Friendship”

“The Seasons Of Love With My Love”

“Taken With Strange Musical Note”

“A Flower And A Butterfly”

“Life On The Train”

“Along The Road To Center France”

“Beyond My Dream”

“Eating Fruits”

“That’s God”

“Cartoons To Make You Laugh”

“Paris Mon Amour”

And the 7 things about myself are:

1.  I am a mom of four.  3 daughters and a son.

Dagupan Beach, Pangasinan, year 1999

2.  I am an orthodontist in Jeddah, K.S.A.

with my dental nurses, on my birthday February 2, 2010

3. I am a writer and I wish to publish my first book one day.

4. I scuba dive but I do not really swim… lol

5.  I rock and roll

6. I am  a free-spirited woman

7. I am Aquarius


One Lovely Blog Award

So lovely…  Truly lovely!

A lovely girl,

And a twin:

“Devoted Gabrielle Angel,

Autumn Sunshine’s lyrical”,

With Blog full of Joy and Love,

nominated me this award.

So I thank you and God above…


Inspired my Blogging onward 🙂

And here are the lovely bloggers that I nominated: Noted that there are no rules for this award nor requirements… Just enjoy and accept this award and it’s on your own choice whether you’d love to pass it on to other bloggers too.  Remember everyone of us in this Blog-sphere are all lovely!

Part Of My World

So Real Tonight

Tiger Groves

Jayjays Favorites

Linda Vernon Humor

Source Of Inspirations

Keep on blogging… Enjoy and be delighted!

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