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A Fairy Tale Woe
Against all odds…Love endures!
Tribulation ends…

Tifannie King 

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silentlyheardonce says: ***

What dreams of passion
For those who walk through hell’s gates
Stop! Smell the flowers

Lisa Summerlin says:

Blurred edges of lust

Seeking the heat of passion

Love finds its way in

sarahpotterwrites says:

Heart pierced by a thorn:
drifting between life and death,
the flower fairy wilts.

adollyciousirony says:

’til death do us part!

You tamed me… Behold a bloom

I am with nine lives…

–Rick says:

wind blown
bobbing marsh grasses
a dragonfly sleeps

Waiting on cold, bitter winds in New England

kz says:

If love were a place,
‘Tis heaven and hell combined
I’ve been there and back.

yerpirate says:

aroma of rose
devil’s door to passion
her fantasy flutters

zennjennc says:

Sweet memories fade
Fairytales become nightmares
Lovers torn apart



Torn Fairy lives…  Rise against

Fierce Angel Warrior

nightlake says:

Mind says patience

Heart is but an untamed fiend

The fiend is called love



Mixture of thy dreams

Torment or Bewitching trance

A soothing desire

douryeh says:


Challenge is welcome
New connection and new ties
No reason not to


Kitty ponders Life
Agonies and ecstasies
Says: Where’s my supper??

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