Music Passion- Bird Dog

Let’s Rock & Roll!

Guiguoz‘ Music Passion- July:

Bird Dog

Don Woody
and his boomerang dream!

DON WOODY, A MAN OF CHARACTER – Here is a man who had a brush with fame, left his mark, and moved on. I have a large measure of respect for any person who can keep their feet on the ground while pursuing their dreams. I believe Don Woody is such a man. The nice thing is, his dream came back around to find him just like a well-thrown boomerang!

Here is Don today.


To read more about him click here as presented by Stu Frederick for ROCK’N’ROLL RECOLLECTIONS:
Stories from the Rockabilly Days.
If you’d like to hear those great tunes recorded by Don Woody back in the Rockabilly Days, click HERE

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