Still Snowing in Paris

Last night V called me via Skype to show me that Paris is still snowing…   Here are some snap shots that I took using my window’s “snipping tools” while he was showing me the heavy snow along the road in Paris…

Capture1 - Copy

Capture3 - Copy



And here are the photo shots V took by his iPhone that he later sent me in my mail:

IMG_2905 IMG_2906 IMG_2907 IMG_2908

  • Yet here in my place, it’s already getting warmer and then later it will be so hot soon! How about in your place?


We spent  4days here in Brussels… for now here is a photo to share with you… there’ll be more photos to share soon 🙂

And to give you a bit curious, how about a 1920 scene in Brussels? Just click the photo to view it. Enjoy!

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