A Beautiful Flower

Very beautiful and true and I’d like to match it with this flower that I shot in our garden in Boisgibalult, Center France. Thanks Ashi 🙂



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Love is a flower

That blooms properly watered

In a warm sunlight

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Bonjour In Flower Language…

We just got back to Paris and here are some flowers shots that I took from Center France de Boisgibalult, Sancere, Pouiliy… Enjoy!

We traveled back 2hours drive from Center France to Paris so it’s a bit tiring but I miss you all that I can’t wait to share some of my shots.  And for the start  I am sharing you some flowers.  I will be sharing you more later because tomorrow at noon we will travel to Belgium for some Rock and Roll 🙂

But at any time you want, feel free to roam around and just pick anything you fancy in our delightful menu.  Ok? Talk to all of you soon!

*** Click any of the images above for more Bonjour in Flower Language

Musee de la Sorcellerie

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Blancafortt, Center France, is the well known  town in witchcraft. History showed that they really exist. But I believe that there are good witches too, those who do not wish harm to others…  

Pictures were taken by iPhone4, July 10, 2011

If you want to know more about this museum click here. Enjoy!

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