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Working Out



“When everything is working out for you, it means you are in the wrong gym.”
Jarod Kintz,


“When working out, length is not a substitute for intensity.”
Bill Loguidice


“When it comes to working out, you need to see what the end-results of your healthy self are going to look like.”
― anonymous


“Working out doesn’t have to be a chore…  Have fun with it!”




Happy Weekend Everyone!

I love you guys!

I love you guys!

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Idea For A New TV Show

Check this out… I submitted this last night  around 11:30 PM in my time at Plinky‘s.

And this morning I am surprised.  How many viewers I got already… hahaha

View this at Plinky’s here:
Toothsome & Mac Giggle’s Tooning Show 

Episode 1- Toothsome got a flu and she blamed it all to Mac Giggles….

Meet The Cast:

Toothsome a comic wanna-be- cartoonist

Mac Giggles, a comic giggling critic and illusionist

Watch the saga of a comic wanna-be- cartoonist experiencing a cartoon life…

Powered by Plinky

Click the image to view at Plinky’s 🙂

Experimental Comic by Toothsome

Okay before you proceed to read this comic you must know first the history behind this strip.  Last week I asked V to give me a joke and then I’d put it in a comic strip.
He gave me one and he told me it’s some kind of a French joke.  He sent it to me and was already translated in English.

A guy goes into a bar and orders a beer from the barman. But beware: The

guy wearing a toad on the head. So, intrigued, asked the bartender:

– How did you get it from?

And the toad replied:

– I do not know, it started with a wart under my feet!

 Excitedly I went to make my strip.  In my mind, I’d need a guy with a toad head ( because it says: “The guy wearing a toad on the head.”) It did not registered in my mind these words- a toad on the head, but my thought was so quick to see a “toad head”… hahaha

Until later after I finished my comic strip and have read this part  again—-when the bartender asked the guy, it says: “And the toad replied”, so it just meant that the toad is sitting on the guy’s head. Is that it?
And one more thing I was not familiar with this French joke.  Hahaha

But it was too late already and I made some changes too.. like for instance that guy who went to the bar for a beer with a “toad head” as I thought,   I made one of the bartenders to have a ” toad head” instead.  Because I wanted Andy and Mac Giggles in the cast for this comic strip, thinking it would be more funny.  🙂

I showed to V my supposed to be funny comic strip.  Of course, he said, it was not what that  joke meant to be.  He said it was not the guy with a toad head, but a toad on the guys head… hahaha

And so I asked him, to explain to me, why would a toad replied: “I do not know, it started with a wart under my feet!”

All he could say to me is that, I wouldn’t understand it because it’s a French joke anyways…  hahaha

Really, I didn’t get the joke.  Do any of you here, have heard about this joke?

Critics are welcome, just be kind and funny though… LOL and those who knew the creator of this comic strip, well you can proceed and view it. Just click:

At The Bar

Nooby And Co-Toons

To see the first and second strips, here: Wok Pres-Toon Town


Tip #3 : Win friends or followers by being versatile.   Of course it’s awesome to meet bloggers who have the same passion just like you have, but this is a blogging community so better expose yourself to a lot of new things other than just the things that you already have and love to do.   Get curious and learn from the other bloggers.

Tip #4: Write, write, write or keep on blogging.  Eliminate all negative thoughts and feelings rather be optimistic that the whole world of blogging opportunity is open to you. They may like your post or not, the important is, you are here.

Are there more tips we need to know?  Please feel free to share you thoughts… Thank you!

Until next time….



Welcome To Wok Pres-Toon Town

To see the first strip, here: Nooby In Wok Pres-Toon Town

Tip #2: Learn to appreciate what the other bloggers are having in their world.  If you can not say nice, better shut up your mouth, hahaha. Put yourself in their shoes.

Nooby continues her desire to belong in the crowd… her search to be wanted…  Let’s see what she discovers from the other toons in Wok Prestoon Town.  Would she like them? Would she listen to their advices?

***  Your support to leave us some words of advice and to share us your experiences here in Word Press, will help me a lot to continue with this comic strip, hahaha… Remember we are all stars in Wok Prestoon Town 🙂

***  The password for next week is:  Wok

To check the first comic strip here: Nooby In Wok Prestoon Town

Meet the Cast and Yours Truly:

Wok Pres-Toon Town Comic Strip Continues… See you next week!

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