Good Morning Sunshine Is My Music Passion

This song brightens my day whenever I hear it 🙂  You can dance with it too…  So Enjoy!

Alex Richard George Day is a musician and YouTuber from Essex, England. He has performed and recorded solo and as a member of the bands Chameleon Circuit and the now dissolved Sons of Admirals. Wikipedia
Born: April 8, 1989 (age 23), Essex

Good Morning Sunshine by Alex Day

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#22 All Time Favorite Post- Dancing Birds


You’ll gonna love this… 🙂 

A Must To See… Enjoy!

This is a fascinating tropical bird mating ritual that will capture your interest.

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Music Passion

Welcome to my Music Passion and Tag Along With Me.

Every 1st week of the month I will post a music theme for us to enjoy and at the same time learn from each of these musics that we find interesting for us to share. I love music and by doing this, I will learn something what the other music lovers and/or co-bloggers knew about in the music world or industry.

All About Lemon is sharing and I care.  We blog because we like to do it and we are happy doing it.

Every one who are interested in music feel free to tag along with me and enjoy the music in our soul…

Here are some guidelines to follow:

On this month of April 2012.  The song theme is one of the music in the 50’s.  Any kind of songs in the 50’s but there should be the word “Love ” in its title.

    • Find our theme song- Any Music in the 50’s with a word  “Love”  in its song’s title.
    •  Post it in your blog.
    • Tell us something about it.
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This is my entry for this month’s Music Passion- “Songs In The 50’s

Love Me Tender

It is a song recorded by Elvis Presley and published by Elvis Presley Music, adapted from the tune of “Aura Lee” (or “Aura Lea”), a sentimental Civil War ballad.
“Aura Lee” was published in 1861 with music by George R. Poulton and words by W.W. Fosdick, and this Civil War song later became popular with college glee clubs and barbershop quartets. It was also sung at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.

Brief History

Elvis Presley performed “Love Me Tender” on The Ed Sullivan Show on September 9, 1956, shortly before the single’s release and about a month before the movie, Love Me Tender, was released, for which the song was originally recorded. On the following day, RCA received 1 million advance orders, making it a gold record before it was even released. The studio, 20th Century Fox, originally wanted to call the movie The Reno Brothers but instead re-titled it Love Me Tender to capitalize on the song’s popularity.

Movie producer Hal Wallis would not allow Presley’s regular band (Scotty Moore, Bill Black, and D.J. Fontana) to play on the soundtrack. Instead, The Ken Darby Trio provided the musical backing with Red Robinson on drums, Charles Prescott on bass, Vita Mumolo on guitar, and Jon Dodson on background vocals, with Presley providing only lead vocals.

The song is credited to Presley and Vera Matson because of the publishing agreement reached for the assignment of royalties (with the exception of a few songs, the King had no songwriting input on any of his huge catalog of music). The principal writer of the lyrics was Ken Darby (Matson’s husband). The song was published by Elvis Presley Music.[1] Darby also adapted the Civil War tune, which was in the public domain. When asked why he credited his wife as co-songwriter along with Presley, Darby responded, “Because she didn’t write it either.”

Presley received co-songwriting credit due to his Hill & Range publishing deal which demanded songwriters concede 50 percent of the credit of their song if they wanted Presley to record it; Presley never wrote any of his own songs according to Peter Guralnick.[2] But he did co-write “You’ll Be Gone” and “That’s Someone You Never Forget“. As with nearly all his early RCA recordings, Presley took control in the studio despite not being credited as producer. He would regularly change arrangements and lyrics to the point the original song was barely recognizable. This, arguably, justified the cowriting credit in this case.

The song hit #1 on the Billboard charts the week ending November 3, 1956, remaining in the position for 5 weeks and reached no. 11 on the charts in the UK. “Love Me Tender” also reached number three for three weeks on the R&B chart.[3] It was also an achievement as “Love Me Tender” succeeded another Presley single, “Hound Dog/Don’t Be Cruel” at #1. This occurrence marked two important events in Billboard history. During this time, Elvis accomplished another record; the longest consecutive stay at number one by a single artist, sixteen weeks, though this was tied by Boyz II Men in 1994 and stood for eight years until being surpassed by R&B singer Usher in 2004 who spent 19 weeks at the top of the charts.

This version was ranked #437 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

In 1968, Presley recorded a 52-second track entitled “Violet (Flower of N.Y.U.)” for the soundtrack of the film The Trouble with Girls. Unreleased until after Presley’s death, the song was Presley’s second adaptation of “Aura Lee”.

Although Presley never re-recorded “Love Me Tender” in a studio setting, two live recordings of the song were released on the albums: NBC-TV Special(1968) and Elvis: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden (1972), with additional performances from concert and television appearances being released after Presley’s death. The song was also performed in the Golden Globe-winning concert film Elvis on Tour (1972).


Sing, dance and tag along with me…

Art Game-W-11 A Ballerina In Versailles, Live!

Art Game


Dance Poems by Sarah Forney:

I am a dancer
I twirl, leap and spin
I jump, piorette, and tap
I am a dancer
I feel pain and fear
I feel defeat and failure
Yet I keep going
I smile, I practice, I perform
I feel happiness and joy
I have grace and beauty
I hear the applause
I perform and do my best
Sometimes I fail
I don’t give up
For I am a dancer
I am brave and strong
I dance not for fame and glory
But for how I feel inside
I am happiness,joy,love & excitment
Strife, talent, joy,
Determination and beauty
I am a dancer
“The Performance”
The spotlight brightens
The music begins
I’m up on my toes
as I twirl and spin
I jump and I leap
From one side to another
feeling just the music
never any other.
I raise up in pointe
then down in plie
performing what i’ve practiced
for so long every day.
To dance is my dream,
I can’t let it die
for when I do dance
I feel I can fly
The world can disapear
My troubles can cease
For just one moment
I am truly at peace.

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Dancing Birds

Today is my birthday and this is my treat to you all.

You’ll gonna love this… 🙂 

A Must To See… Enjoy!

This is a fascinating tropical bird mating ritual that will capture your interest.


I hope this brightens your day.  Click on DANCING at the bottom of the page.  Hope you all have a great week!



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