Just Having Fun- Call Me Maybe

When I was just a student, I only worried about me to graduate on time and my monthly school allowance to be on time, hehehe 🙂
And the rest were about having fun with my friends but after when everything would go well with my grades, making sure I passed all of my exams. It was a treat for myself.
Well this is a video of my eldest daughter Tahlliy who is about to graduate in Dentistry, year 2014.  I watched her having fun in this video and she reminded me of myself when I was at her age 🙂
I am just so proud to share them with you.  Watch and enjoy!

Tahlliy showing off her first tooth extraction.  And it was successful,  hahaha 🙂


I hope this brightens your day.  Click on DANCING at the bottom of the page.  Hope you all have a great week!



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