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A Daughter’s Love Letters To Her Mom

Yesterday’s Love Letter at age 7:

Dear Mommy I ❤ U sow motsh and I mist you i wish i want to hug you and kiss you. my drawing

002 (2)

Dear Mommy
Dis is my picture…
Duyu miss me? Anser____________ Mahal mo ako? (Do you love me?) Anser_______________________
gusto mo ba na mayakap ako? (Do you wish/ want to hug me?) Anser____________________


Draw for mommy
001 (2)

Today’s Love Letter at age 19:

Thanks for being my mom and that whatever i do negative or positive you still love me unconditionally, i’m proud that you are my mother. You are my idol and my inspiration… your everything is my goal. Even though we have our ups and downs and misunderstandings you still showed me love and im thankful for that. You are the only person i know that can make me cry so hard and feel guilty on things i’ve done but you are also the only one who can lift me up as if i’m soaring through the skies. Thank you for your love and support and i’m totally blessed that you are my mom. 

I love you mommy


Well, in any which way or form they were written…  These love letters from a  daughter like mine, are all sweet, thoughtful and full of love ❤ ❤ ❤



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Thanks to all of you who continue to stay with me up to this time.  I love you all!

My Little One to Teenybopper

My little girl…

My Tajah Jireh

Your name means Crown and Provider
God had blessed me again for providing you to me
For the third time I became a very proud mother
For having such a beautiful baby as you
We’ve share a lot of laughter—a spirit of laughter and joy

I wanted to see you on my own eyes
While you were being taken out from me
And gush, I was really in pain but with you
And with the help of God I became so strong
Happiness was within me when I first laid my eyes on you
And had you touched my bosom skin to skin for the very first time
Wow! You are my joy and the apple of my eye
We overcome all the obstacles and you shared with me the glory of triumph

I love you my child you are my crown and beauty…
Mama love
November 10, 1995
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Now she’s 16!


She’s an Artist!  And she likes to become a fashion designer, cartoonist and comic or manga writer.  Check some of her drawings or art-works here:

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