Sunday’s Sashay


One… Two… Three…  SMILE!



 My eldest daughter Maria Ahtalia, with her complete denture patient.
She is soon to graduate in Dentistry at Centro Escolar University, one year from now.



Yes! Another Toothsome in the family!  🙂


Tahlliy showing off the first tooth extraction she did…  hehehe

And here she was at 6 months old…


“I wouldn’t have imagined she would love to be a dentist too!”





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Thanks to all of you who continue to stay with me up to this time.  I love you all!

My Little One to Teenybopper

_MG_3722 0

And at 17 years old, she will now go to College and take up “Fashion Design”… at De La Salle- College of St. Benilde.


Her class will start this coming May and I am already excited for her first day in College… hahaha 🙂

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

My little girl…

My Tajah Jireh

Your name means Crown and Provider
God had blessed me again for providing you to me
For the third time I became a very proud mother
For having such a beautiful baby as you
We’ve share a lot of laughter—a spirit of laughter and joy

I wanted to see you on my own eyes
While you were being taken out from me
And gush, I was really in pain but with you
And with the help of God I became so strong
Happiness was within me when I first laid my eyes on you
And had you touched my bosom skin to skin for the very first time
Wow! You are my joy and the apple of my eye
We overcome all the obstacles and you shared with me the glory of triumph

I love you my child you are my crown and beauty…

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Amazing Dentist of Jaipur – Just Another Manic Monday



  • How about you guys, would you like to have your teeth treated in India?

Enjoy Your Weekdays Everyone!

I love you guys, mmmwahhh

Just Having Fun- Call Me Maybe

When I was just a student, I only worried about me to graduate on time and my monthly school allowance to be on time, hehehe 🙂
And the rest were about having fun with my friends but after when everything would go well with my grades, making sure I passed all of my exams. It was a treat for myself.
Well this is a video of my eldest daughter Tahlliy who is about to graduate in Dentistry, year 2014.  I watched her having fun in this video and she reminded me of myself when I was at her age 🙂
I am just so proud to share them with you.  Watch and enjoy!

Tahlliy showing off her first tooth extraction.  And it was successful,  hahaha 🙂

Just Fred… Just Another Manic Monday

contrib. by Fredie M…. revisited

Just Fred…

A cop stops a Harley for traveling faster than the posted speed limit, so he asks the biker his name.

‘Fred,’ he replies.

‘Fred what?’ the officer asks.

‘Just Fred,’ the man responds.

The officer is in a good mood and thinks he might just give the biker a break and, write him out a warning instead of a ticket. The officer then presses him for the last name.

The man tells him that he used to have a last name but lost it.  The officer thinks that he has a nut case on his hands but plays along with it. ‘Tell me, Fred, how did you lose your last name?’

The biker replies, ‘It’s a long story, so stay with me.’  I was born Fred Johnson.    I  studied hard and got good grades.

When I got older, I realized that I wanted to be a doctor.  I went through college, medical school, internship, residency, and finally got my degree, so I was Fred Johnson, MD.  After a while I got bored being a doctor, so I decided to go back to school.

Dentistry was my dream!  Got all the way through School, got my degree, so then I was Fred Johnson, MD, DDS.

Got bored doing dentistry, so I started fooling around with my assistant and she gave me VD, so now I was Fred Johnson, MD, DDS, with VD.

Well, the ADA (American Dentistry Assoc) found out about the VD, so they took away my DDS.

Then I was Fred Johnson, MD, with VD.  Then the AMA found out about the ADA (American Medical Assoc) taking away my  MD  because of the VD, leaving me as Fred Johnson with VD.

Then the VD took away my Johnson, so now I am Just Fred.’

The officer walked away in tears, laughing.

Have a great weekdays everybody!

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