Symphony Of Food

Graphic Arts-Class Project of my daughter,


Watch and enjoy 🙂

Art Game 6 “Rolls-Royce” & Vector Art

Art Game

Meet our Player #1 Chlly for her Vector Art


How about you guys? Click Art Game now and join the fun!

Art Game Week 5 “Boxing Ring”… Thanks to all the players.

Thanks to the following players for Art Game Week 5: 

Player #1 Squad 633

Player #2 Raffleberry

Player #3 Many Hours

Player #4 All Thee Above

Player #5 Spoiled Brat 

Awesome Guys!


Art Game Week 5 “Boxing Ring” Updates

Art Game Week 5 is a “Boxing Ring”

Player #1 Squad 633

Player #2 Raffleberry

Player #3 Many Hours

Player #4 All Thee Above

 Art game continues…. to Tuesday and then a new image will be post

on Wednesday and so on.  This is fun…  Come and join us!

Note: Those who are participants in the Art Game you can grab your logo here.  Copy the link  below and paste it to your page.

Easily Upload Your Images To Myspace

Place this link to your Widget Text:

<a href=””><img src=” game.gif” alt=”Easily Upload Your Images To Myspace”></a><br><small> </a></small>

Have fun!

Art Game 5 “Boxing Ring” The Challenger

Art Game



Yayyy!  The Challenger

She roars loud like a tiger

Tames by a lover.

Click Art Game and join the fun 🙂


Art Game 4 “Metro Paris” – Let’s Ride

Art Game


Let’s ride
a warm sunny day
bright blue skies
peaceful daydreams
keep’n tomorrow alive
no need for talk
set’n saddle side
gimme room to ponder
come on let’s ride

written by Chester Hardylll

Art Game Week 2 Updates…

Player #1 Chlly

Player #2 Many Hours

Player #3 Your Word Is Here

Player #1 Chlly

Player #4 Spoiled Brat

Player #5 Guiguoz


Player #6 Raffleberry

It’s getting deep and exciting now, isn’t it?

Come and join the fun click ART GAME!!!

Art Game: Week 1 Updates

Welcome to my Art Game… our Art Game 🙂

Here is our first image for this week: Art Game Week 1: “Abandoned Garden”

Player #1 

Player #2 

Player #3

 Player #4

It is now getting very interesting isn’t it? Join ART GAME and have fun with us ! 


Digital Arts-Photo Manipulation by Greta Garda, My 2nd Daughter

Here she was at age 3…

And here she is now at 18…

Check her arts here…

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