Hot Tees And Shorts


With summer just around the corner, I came up with these hot tees and shorts that I hope you would love to add in your wardrobe, and they are now available in my shop.

Here are my new collection of summer tees and shorts:


Here are the fabrics and original designs to where I based my creation:



I am also creating new design for summer dresses as you see me here in my working place:


Are there any suggestion that you may have in mind that you would like me to create in regards to summer wear?

Please feel free to share me your ideas and thoughts and I would gladly create or design them for you…

Okay guys, I am off for sailing with my partner this weekend.  Until next time 🙂


Have A Great Weekend Everyone! xoxo

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A Perfect Dress For A Picnic Party

Experience the virtual reality 🙂


This weekend I am throwing away a picnic party in my backyard garden.
I chosed to wear a very comfortable yet elegant looking dress.  The fabric is made of orange satin and a printed turquioise with cherry blossom lace.


I matched it with Guiguoz Design- Black leather with bright red sole shoes.


Looking beautiful even feeling tired for preparing food for my friends.

I am all set to greet them with gusto and feeling so great at the same time 🙂

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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Something New

This was not really new to me because I have been in this site since 2009.  It’s a 3D World.  But it’s New to all of you because I decided to blog about it just now 🙂

In this 3D World I have been creating dresses, shoes, houses, heads, eyes and many more.  I am one of their creators and I earned some credits.  Awesome, isn’t it?  It was in this 3D World that V and I met.
He is one of the creators too.  One time he created a dress exclusively for my avatar to wear.  He put his price to 110,000 credits so that no one would ever dare to buy it.  But he was so lucky enough that he got one customer.  We were so happy we have more credits to create new products… hehehe 🙂

Anyways since I am already here in the  blogging community I thought it’s time that I blog about my creation too in the Avatar World and share them with you here.

I just hope you will enjoy it too as much as you enjoy All About Lemon and follow me there 🙂 Merci!

Meet Amary Av.  Click her photo to experience her Avatar World 🙂



  • Note:  My avatar head is created by V and he marked it agan in a very high credit … hehehe , because it’s mine to wear only  🙂

The good thing in the Avatar World by the way is that you could be whatever you want.  I owned many houses, all kinds of cars, dressses, shoes, hair, heads, avatars (model, tall, regular) hahaha.  I can also fly and even travel and see places around the wolrd.  But what I enjoy the most here is to create new products.  It’s very challenging and very rewarding  too especially if one or more of your products are being sold and appreciated 🙂


My Nail Arts

Inspired by Claire  claire marshall


ClaireMarshy’s Blog
Tutorial Blog On Nail Tips/Art Design

My Nail Arts

Inspired by Claire of

ClaireMarshy’s Blog
Tutorial Blog On Nail Tips/Art Design

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