Ricard And Fabienne, My September Muses…

I want you all to meet a very sweet Belgian lady and loving mother, Fabienne.

and her handsome and naughty Ricard.

Look at him as he put out his tongue at me when I took this shot…  hehehe naughty, naughty cat!

“Thank you so much Fabienne and Ricard for being my September Muses…
It’s my honor to introduce you to all of my Blogger Friends around the World!”

Fabienne And Ricard

 Fabienne is a teacher and she loves her job teaching around 700 students per school year.

Fabienne, a beautiful and independent single Mom of 2 sons and with 3 Cats lives in  Bois-d’Haine.

But only Ricard wanted to be in the limelight, so it’s only him that we see here with Fabienne.

He wouldn’t like it everytime  I was taking a photo for the two, Ricard would scared them off…  hehehe.

Fabienne is our friend.  We met her in the world of Rock and Roll in Belgium.

I am so happy to have met this wonderful woman.

And it was a delight when she welcomed us to her house.

I enjoyed taking shots to all flowers available in her garden.

Some fruits and vegetables grows in Fabienne’s garden too…

and here is Ricard again with his tongue out 🙂

And after we finished our dining in the garden, Ricard went up and sat on the table.

Just look at him.  He pretended he didn’t care at all…

… but actually he couldn’t wait to grab some food 🙂

Yap!  According to Fabienne, that’s a very Ricard thing…

hahaha, Ricard was just waiting for us to leave the table soon… and gave us an idea that he was just being so sweet 🙂

“Okay Ricard… do it your way now. We’re leaving. You can have your table back :)”

I wish to see Ricard and Fabienne again in the near future.
Meantime I do the best I can to get new info from them until the end of the year.  So just stay tune to all of my Muses 🙂

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Mimine, My May Muse In Action

Meow-meow, let me go

Thanks… ‘got to see the sunlight!

…and have li’l sunbathing.


Weee! It’s  shower time!

What do you think I’d do next?

Right! ‘take my nap…meow!

See you again next time!

Click my Muse page to see more of her 🙂

Au revoir!

Mimine My May Muse

I know you already have met Mimine in my previous post, Mimin, The Most Beautiful Cat In France.

She became really famous when I posted her in my blog.

I have the post password protected but if you still remember her, surely you’ could unlock the magic word to have a glimpse in her world 🙂

Anyways, if you find it hard to unlock the magic word.  You can visit my Muse page anytime to know her updates, for the period of 4 months, hahaha 🙂

Mimine, a French cat?
Yes, because she lives in France
And her mom is French.

But she’s a mixed breed
No wonder she ‘s a pretty
domestic kitty.
Tiffanie King 


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