Rocket Dog

I am still having a hangover watching the video of Happy taking a nap like a spoiled-sweet- brat… hehehe.  click here to see 🙂

And in You Tube I came across this Film and Animation Movie of  Rocket Dog On Cartoon Hangover.

So it’s gonna be our Cafe Siesta for today:

I find this dog somewhat weird, smart, or some kind of a psycho dog? LOL

Over all it’s a funny film 🙂 Enjoy it!



Let’s drink up once again our favorite cofee :)


Lovely Weekend Everyone!


I love you guys…  mmmmwahhh!

A Trip To Italy With Pavarotti

The idyllic lifestyle, gorgeous sceneries, and Luciano Pavarotti’s incomparable

voice makes another dream journey to beautiful Italy inevitable.

Either you drink coffee or take some siesta

with Pavarotti’s voice…

In both ways this is good for you 🙂  

Enjoy…and click:

Cafe Siesta

Lovely Weekend Everyone!

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