The Music Passion February Edition Update… Share Your Heart With Us…

Heart Is The Music Passion For The Month Of Love…

And my offer to all of you guys is

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

How I love this song together with the movie TITANIC…  Really really, a passionate film.

Yes! Truly with Love…   Life Goes On… and my heart goes on with V…  near or far and beyond ’til the end of forever! :)

carolynpageabc says:

Have a Heart ILoveYou for February

Glen Close & Phil Collins sing

You’ll be in My Heart

  sarahpotterwrites says:

February is the month of love, meaning this month’s Music Passion at requires songs with “heart” in the title. I have chosen  “Ouvre ton coeur” (open your heart) — a French art song by GeorgesBizet, with a text by Delâtre — sung here by my favourite countertenor, Philippe Jaroussky.  The music first appeared in the ode-symphony Vasco da Gama, composed in 1859–60.

 Leiulf says:

Heart Of The Sunrise


Heart is the word in this month’s Music Passion competition. While I could post something that actually has a shot at winning (like Niel Young’s “Heart of Gold”) I decided instead to continue featuring things I find musically outstanding. Last month I introduced you to theMontreux Jazz Festival DVD series and this month I’m dipping into it again to come up with “Heart of the Sunrise”.

This powerful yet gentle rendition by the legendary group YES should convince you of why they are in my top 2 groups of ALL TIME (the other being King Crimson).
So sit back with your favorite beverage and “Fly into the Sun”.

    •  68ghia says:This month the theme is Heart.

      And here is my choice. Seeing as I have a hate/hate relationship with love at this stage, I chose to find one that does not have all that much to do with love, and everything to do with hearts ;-)

      Love the movie. Adore Jean Reno.

      Hope you enjoy!!



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