Art Game Week 3 “Men” and The Fly

Art Game

Player #1 Guiguoz

Little Fly,
Thy summer’s play
My thoughtless hand
Has brushed away.

Am not I
A fly like thee?
Or art not thou
A man like me?

For I dance
And drink, and sing,
Till some blind hand
Shall brush my wing.

If thought is life
And strength and breath
And the want
Of thought is death;

Then am I
A happy fly,
If I live,
Or if I die.

William Blake

Art Game Continues…

Sculptures Made of Old Tires

See what they’ve done to old Tires…

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ALLABOUTLEMON Muse for January 2012

Meet Mommy Monique,

My January Muse!

Well, I posted this early.  I guess Mommy Monique will be occupying the first page for my Muse Page, click on it to view more about this beautiful and awesome woman.

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