I Run You Over The Mountain

Would you rather climb a mountain

or run a marathon?

mmmmm  I like to do both.
Why not? I believe both are fun to do… How about you?

Horseback Riding

Climbing a mountain or running a marathon? Well neither of them I have… so I would not have any idea which of which I’d prefer..But I love actions and adventures and learn new skills and mountain climbing is one of the sports I would like to experience because my kids do it and they seem to have lots of fun from it. Also when I was a teenager I used to run with my mom and dad every morning but just around our village and it was fun, so I guess I would like to run a marathon too in the future. And If given a chance and opportunity I would love to do both. But right now I have my eyes on doing sport in Horseback Riding. 🙂

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