The PICTURE CRAZE is Walt Disney

And here is my entry:

A new movie in the making by Walt Disney Pictures

Starring not Mickey Mouse but no other than a new comer…

The Guilty Mouse

The Guilty Mouse2


One day the nurses near my flat were screaming because of mice.  They tried to let these mice out of their flat.  That night when I went to bed, I saw a little creature roaming around in my bedroom and in my surprise it was a little mouse.  So I left my bedroom door opened wide, until I saw this little creature ran outside but went straight to my kitchen.  From then on I knew I had a company and it stayed there in my kitchen.  But I never caught this little mouse in action ever after that.  Although I was so sure this mouse was enjoying it’s freedom in my kitchen, because I could hear the nibblling every now and then.  I always made sure though that I closed my kitchen door so that it just stayed there to eat whatever left over food I had in my trash.

I left this mouse alone with its business and vise versa this mouse never also scared me off.  Luckily when I would go to my kitchen to prepare my food, this mouse really behaved itself…  But I couldn’t help to think that one day it would appear to me like this one:


Yay! Scary really that I wanted to get rid of it one day and so I thought.

After like 4 months I had to go for my regular holiday and so I knew this little mouse was no longer a little creature like the first time I saw it roaming around my bedroom, looking so cute, lost and scared like this:

cute mouse

Anyways I cleaned my house, my kitchen and all the trash were out and I left for my 3 weeks holiday.

After a week my friend who I let to stay in my flat for 2 days called me and said that she saw a big mouse in my kitchen as big as a little kitten and it ruined all that were easy to reach.

Sure enough that little mouse became BIG now and its’ so mad!   Why, of course there were no food to find in there!

My friend left my flat and told me that she made sure the kitchen door was closed.

I arrived in my flat and I took these 2 shots. The above picture was truly a survival instinct.  It managed to find something to eat, like salt, coffee cream and hershey chocolate powder…  Poor mouse 😦

But I was not happy with what it did to my oven? Whew!  That mouse was really so angry, hush!

I was just thinking what if I caught that mouse by the act, maybe it would look like this one.

The Guilty Mouse

But no.  I just put that mouse in the picture by Photoshop.  Great pic, eh?  🙂


The Guilty Mouse

And so anyways, knowing it did not eat any real food for 3 weeks …  Guess what?  Of course I fed it so well 🙂

The mouse never showed up since then but my kitchen smelled bad for about a week.
I looked on its corpse… yay! I mean I looked for a dead mouse. But I never found it.

And this is my entry for this week The Picture Craze.

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Okay guys, enjoy, be creative or get crazy with your picture and have fun!

Night Falls On Hong Kong. This is clever, really clever!

contrib by Jane W.

Place your cursor at the top of the photo. You will notice it is  6:10 PM.
Bring the mouse down slowly over the photo without pressing the button on the mouse.
Do not right or left click..
Night time appears, the lights come on, and at 7:40 PM, it’s dark!

Photo Technology at its best!  PLEASE TAKE ABOUT 10 TO 15 FULL SECONDS TO REALLY SEE THIS.

Click  below.

Sharing Is Caring  🙂


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