Smile Music Passion On Love Day…

Hear these awesome entries for February Music Passion.

We couldn’t wait to have some more!



 Hello fellow bloggers and Music Lovers.


is the theme for February Music Passion Contributed by OyiaBrown

“No restrictions on genres or decades – if it has “Smile” in the song or even in the title, it’s good to go.”


♪ Smile – Charlie Chaplin

SMILE- Michael Jackson


Yakap sa dilim-ORANGE and LEMON-


Lily Allen – Smile


Why So Serious Remix


You Make Me Smile Lyrics By Uncle Kracker


Kirk Franklin – I Smile


SMILE SMILE SMILE | Songs for Children


 Isadora Art and Photography

Pinkie Pie – Smile Song




Any “Smile” Songs In Mind?

Let’s go and get our song! :)

Come on you guys! Share with us your February Music Passion  🙂


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Please Talk To Me

Please you may enter Leiulf 🙂 You’re always welcome!
Everyone, let’s hear Leiulf’s Music Passion- “Please Talk To Me”, a great music you would always like to listen to… and would have wished you were there in the concert watching it live!

Music Passion – Barcelona – Please don’t go

Everyone! Let’s all hear Moi’s “Please” 🙂 … Enjoy!

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Music Passion.

“Please” is the Music Passion Theme this month, courtesy of one of our Music lovers:

  • 68ghia “I have an opinion. And I’m not afraid to use it!!!”

Thanks so much Ghia! xoxo


So come on all you guys out there “please” do join us in this Music Fun and enjoy! 🙂


Thanks to all Music lovers last April for the “DAY” theme 🙂 click here to check it out!




Howdy folks!!!

Dolly, from allaboutlemon has done me the great honour this month of choosing the theme for May.

I chose the word “Please”

Feel free to join us with your tune with the word please anywhere in the song or the title – all are welcome!!

So, to kick things off, here’s my “Please” song for this month.

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Music Passion- “Day” Update…

And we want to hear more “Day” songs…
Come on guys share with us your Music Passion 🙂

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

Welcome to my Music Passion and have fun with us!

Our Music Passion  Host for this month is  leiulf

Music Passion Theme April 2013 Is “DAY

“No restrictions on genres or decades – if it has Day in the title, it’s good to go.”

Perfect Day


Perfect Day Lou Reed

Perfect Day Lou Reed

This month mark’s the one year anniversary of All About Lemon’s Music Passion. I am honored to be chosen to select the Music Passion Theme for the month of April, 2013. I would like to ask everyone to present your favorite tune with the word “Day”, either in the title or lyric.

My entry is an inspiring promotion for BBC radio / television containing a vast array of talents from all walks of the musical spectrum, performing a rousing rendition of Lou reed’s “Perfect Day”.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I…

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Spring Is Here And Let’s Hear All Entries… Music Passion Update

You Can Never Hold Back Spring by Tom Waits

I just found this song actually by looking for songs about ‘Spring” and wow his voice just entered in my nerves and even tickled my bones, it’s really hard to describe… Too beautiful to put into words.  Anyways it really is a good song.  There is magic and beauty in it. Enjoy! :)

Tom Waits

source: Wikipedia

Thomas Alan “Tom” Waits is an American singer-songwriter, composer, and actor.
Waits has a distinctive voice, described by critic Daniel Durchholz as sounding “like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, … Wikipedia


Spring is Here – Yeah…!

a Sisbro Studio Production

I’ve chosen to celebrate with a rumbustious late medieval – early renaissance song, “Ecco la Primavera” (Spring has come apace) by the Italian composer Francesco Landini,
performed here by the hungarian multi-instrumentalist Arany Zoltán.

Spring Has Come Apace

Spring is coming and it promises new growth among established glories blooming once more. As this month’s entry on Music Passion must include spring in either the title or lyric, I chose “Wild Is The Wind” because it serves a double purpose. The song is a soundtrack made for a life-long, passionate love affair. and serves the purpose of this posts main content quite admirably. Last month David bowie released a video (see below) from his first album in 10 years. This month the entire thing is available on Itunes and is due out in stores shortly. But that’s not all. Also opening in London on March 23rd at the Victoria and Albert Museum is the the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie.

Wild Is The Wind

This month the theme is spring – regardless of the fact that the lot of us in the southern hemisphere are moving in to autumn and winter ;-)

So, here’s my contribution to this month’s theme – hope you enjoy!

You Must Believe In Spring

  • iShootiZoomSomeSassyShots

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Music Passion- Spring

Music Passion Jazz

More Jazz everyone, Enjoy!


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seek to improve


Come join the fun in this month’s Music Passion from allaboutlemon – JAZZ…


And here are my contributions…






Yes. Slightly overboard, I realise that. I just love jazz, and there are way too many to choose from!

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting this post together 😉

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La menteuse On Jazz Music Passion




Well I lie passionately
To my friends, my parents,
The merchant, Mr. Agent,
I lie so much, this is embarrassing.
I think I knew Brad Pitt,
Besides, it has not so big …….
Finally, if I’d known, I would not come
In addition it is not so beautiful naked.

To my friends that I lie not, my lovers I learned everything.
Johnny finally told me that I love you, you you have talent!
Ah me! Oh! Oh thank you!

Well I lie I do not know since when
I thought better to pretend
Rather than going for a pitcher,
I think I’m the other daughter Mitterand.
And to feed the myth
This is me has ever dropped Johnny Deep
Well he will get over it is,
it was bland and boring it was.

To my friends that I lie not, my lovers I learned everything.
And even if it is not very pretty, I do not see how else.

Of course all things considered, this is not easy,
Not to lose the thread.
Sometimes I want to flee from there ….
Being alone on an island.
(Something rather small, it seems that Ile de France is a corner
Very cool.)

Well I lie but not to you,
Because I want to talk to you about me.
I hope that you will do not like the others,
Who laugh and point at me.
Well what I lie even if you do not like it much,
Who do you like you know nothing.
At least there is give and take,
I am not alone in pretending.

To you my friends I just lie to my lovers I learned everything.
And even if it is a folly, I promise this is stronger than me.

Of course I know I’m not stupid,
But for the less fragile.
And if it is possible I would not end up in the asylum!

Well I lie more since this morning
Since I’ve come a long way.
I thought that was really bad
And above it pointless.
I call more than all my friends,
History up my side.
Rigolera and as before,
Before I make them waste their time.

To you my friends I just lie to my lovers I learned everything.
Finally it is like that, it’s my life
I do not see how otherwise.


Coeur de pirate – Adieu

Word of Farewell:
You laugh you laugh so badly to live
Tasks of wine on your shirt
With two broken buttons
On your body that repulsed me

You make love in two attacks
Love, missing, and the tour
And while you articulated
I sighed and thou me??

Threats from??
Because I scream when you sing your memories
Eth well darling therefore take the door
Because you know that nothing matters to me


But tell me goodbye tomorrow
Say goodbye the way
Will see the other I do not think anything
I loved you but I assure you that this is the end

Do you think I can finally say
Although you want to be friends
No, it’s nice that goes like this
I have friends already full

I could no longer hear you
Go at night when I wait for the dawn
Happens by pushing hours
I get up and thou me??

Threats from
Because I scream when you sing your memories
Well darling therefore take the door
Because you know that nothing matters to me


(Grazie a questo testo per Alessio




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Careless Whisper On Jazz Music Passion


Love Bytes On Air 

with Kenny G- Instrumental

with George Michael



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Music Passion “Christmas” – December Edition

Yesterday I posted Music Passion ‘World’ And This Time We Vote… because Carolyn’s  Aladdin-A Whole New World has the highest number of Likes but Carol said:
Hey, Dolly…. :)
I’ve just had a look at all the wonderful music entries this month, and barring any late ‘likes’ it would seem that ‘Aladdin’ may be the favourite for November… (My followers are wonderful indeed..!)
So, I’d like to suggest that you award the ‘creator of next month’s Music Passion’ to the Music Passion entry who came in next favourite (or yourself or whomsoever you choose)…. I’ve had a few great month’s choosing the next month’s theme and would love to pass this honour to someone else…. Thank You…..soooooooo much….. xoxoxo mmwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhh :)

Carol by the way contributed 2 Editions of Music Passion Theme namely:(October) Morning and (November) World and we all had fun.
Here are the other Music Passion Themes from our Contributors/ Music Lovers:

Music Passion- April Edition-LOVE by Yours Truly adollyciousirony

Music Passion- May Edition- MOON  by Phil  of Random Thoughts

Music Passion- June Edition- FLOWERS by Katrina  of Freedom Of Life

Music Passion- July- BIRDS by Sarah 

Music Passion- September- Blues by Jaz  of My Buddah Blog.

Thank you so much to all of the above contributors of our Music Passion themes and to all music lovers who religiously participate every month.

The fact that we are  all having fun sharing each of our Music Passion in every theme each month for the past 7 months now I’d like  us to vote our favorite Music Passion by the end of the month.  Starting for this month theme, December Edition: Christmas.

Any kind of songs will do as long as Christmas is in it 🙂

And here is mine:

Uploaded by  on Dec 2, 2008

Karen’s sweet voice singing the sweetest Christmas song.

Richard Carpenter composed the music for this song in 1966 when he was 19 years old. Frank Pooler wrote the lyrics twenty years earlier, in 1946, when he also was only 19 years old. The song Pooler had written was to be a Christmas gift for his girlriend, whom he was missing while being away from her during a visit with his parents at Christmas time. Sadly, their relationship ended before he could present it to her.

Twenty years later, Pooler was the choir director at California State University in Long Beach, when both Karen and Richard Carpenter were members of the choir. Richard and Karen were performing locally and had tired of playing the usual Christmas fare. Richard asked Pooler, their favorite professor, if he had any ideas for different songs.

Pooler remembered the Christmas song he had written many years before and mentioned it to Richard, adding that he didn’t think much of the melody anymore. Richard said he would try his hand at writing new music for the lyrics. Within about 15 minutes he was finished creating a song, written by two teenagers who were a generation apart, that was destined to become a Christmas classic.

The song was first released as a single (yes, a 45) on November 20,1970, and earned gold record status. This song sparked the idea of a Christmas album by The Carpenters, and on October 13, 1978, “Christmas Portrait” was released with this newly recorded version of the song. Karen re-recorded her vocals for the album version as she felt that she could give the vocals a more mature treatment. This newly recorded version was presented on their TV Christmas special in 1978, as seen here, and became a hit all over again.




Standard YouTube License

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Share with us your Music Passion “Christmas”

Music Passion-World

Oh Lovely song for Music Passion “World” by Jaz… let’s all hear it 🙂 Enjoy!
Thanks Jaz 🙂 xoxo

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Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

Ok Miss Dolly here’s my addition to the music passion November challenge “world” one of my all time favs, Louie

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Music Passion- Morning… And Your Votes Count!

Oklahoma: Oh What A Beautiful Morning


A Rock And Roll Music Passion “Morning” For Guiguoz

Bobby Darin…..Early In The Morning


Click to join us in the fun:

Music Passion Morning

What a great choice Jazz 🙂 Thanks for your Morning Music Passion xoxo

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Dolly at All About Lemon has the new game winner for October and it was Miss Carol, so here I go playing along. What would mornings be without the Moody Blues….LOL 😀 Climb aboard and play with us, it’s fun!

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