Shape Of My Heart


Shape Of My Heart is the Music Passion entry of Jaycee68 for February Edition: HEART

It was also the THEME SONG from the Movie: Leon The Professional


Jaycee mentioned in her post that she “Love the movie and Adore Jean Reno”  🙂

Well I got so curious about it because Natalie Portman, my favorite actress was the leading lady of the said film.

I looked for it in the internet and downloaded it.  I watched it and Jaycee was right, it was really a brilliant film.  I enjoyed watching it.

And so I am excited to watch this film with you guys in our  Cafe Siesta .  And for you to have a copy of the said movie,  I will give the link so that you can download it too.

But first you must have U-TORRENT (bi-Torrent) in your computer:

U Torrent

Click to download

  • And then open ISO-HUNT  on your browser, and search for Leon The Professsional
… or just simply click this :
  • Next click DOWNLOAD– SAVE
  • Then open it, click OK and right away it will go directly to U-TORRENT (bi-torrent)and the movie will be downloaded. The downloading time will depend on how strong/fast is your net and it will finish like few hours or a day or two or more…

It will look like this: u-torrent

Here is the Movie Trailer:

  • And when everything is ready always have your favorite cup of coffee with you 🙂  Enjoy

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Fiona And Cam… Having Fun In The Art Game’s Underwater Hotel…

Art Game



Having Fun Quotes:

 Charles Schaefer quotes 

 Dale Carnegie quotes

 Aggy Bird quotes 

 Larry Niven quotes 

 Roald Dahl quotes 

 Natalie Portman quotes 

 Dr Seuss quotes 

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Tell us your favorite among these quotes above or you can share more having fun quotes with us 🙂 And of course check out Art Game and join us in this fun!

Art game continues…. to Tuesday 12pm (GMT) and then a new image will be post on Wednesday and so on.

This is fun… Come and join us!

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