My Favorite Comedy Actor Just Passed Away But He Lives…

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When I was little I used to watch his film in black and white and even until I grew up and have children, I used to watch all of his movies and TV sitcom

It  was my wish since I was like maybe 6 or 7 years old to someday I would meet him face to face in person.

And that wish really came true.

That was around year 2,000, when finally I got the chance to give my idol a hug and a cheek to cheek kiss.

Unfortunately we did not have pictures together and I did not even get his signature.  But the mere fact that my wish came true that

I finally met my idol in person was already a bliss.

My Dental clinic was located along T.M Kalaw Street near Malate Avenue.


And before I went home that day, I went to one of the Hair Salons in Malate, Manila.

And guess who was sitting next to me?

Wow! It was the King of Comedy.  He was there and telling us some jokes and funny stories.  He finished earlier than me so that when he was about to stand up and ready to go.  I hurriedly told the manicurist to excuse me awhile and really I stood up and introduced myself that I was one of his number one fans.  I told him that the late Gregorio Ticman, also a comedian actor, was my grandfather.  He said he knew him and they made film together too.  It was just a brief hello and finally I asked him if I could embrace him and kiss him.
And I was so lucky, we hugged each other with matching cheek to cheek 🙂 Yiheeyy!

I can’t help my tears to fell down when I learned in the news that he passed away yesterday July 10, 2012.  Well, I will not forget this date because it’s my little brother’s birthday too 🙂

Anyways the Philippine King Of Comedy lives…  He said few weeks back that he’s just one click away.  We just click that “play” and viola we can all watch him there on the screen entertaining and giving us joy and laughter…

I love you Tito Dolphy…You live forever! mmwahhh!

I love you Tito Dolphy! 

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